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3 1:1 ABM Tactics To Do When You Only Have an Hour (or Less) to Spare

Recently we’ve been hosting roundtable discussions where B2B marketers gather to talk about their common challenges and how to solve them. One thing that came up consistently was a question about how to do true 1:1 ABM at scale. Some companies have 1 ABM manager per 10 accounts––but imagine the deal size it takes for that ROI to work!

On the other hand, we’ve seen our customers doing 1:1 ABM with much less headcount, so we decided to put together a guide that shows how they do it. You can download that guide here.

But for this post, let’s pretend you’re a busy marketer who’s short on time (that shouldn’t be too hard, right?). We’ll also pretend that ‘Snowflake’ is one of your target accounts.

We’ve collected three scaleable 1:1 ABM tactics from the guide that you can do when you only have an hour––or less––to spare. You can use them to help convert your ‘Snowflake’ account, plus many more.

First up is a Personalized Event Invite Modal.

Through our own experience with roundtables, we’ve seen that creating a peer set focused on solving shared obstacles is a powerful tactic that keeps customers engaged and provides real value to prospects. Add dimension and scalability to this tactic by creating a personalized invitation to an event that’s about your target account’s vertical or use case.

The component should drive to a landing page for a recurring event like a weekly webinar, or to a major tent pole event.

You can do this tactic in only about 15 minutes. You only need to choose a data source in Mutiny to identify your target accounts (like IP address or Salesforce Data), and then create your personalized event invite modal. If you’re unsure about how data sources in Mutiny work, check it out here.

Whenever you have another hour to spare, try creating a 1:1 ‘Switch to Us’ Page.

This is a great tactic for when a target account who is currently using a competitor lands on your website. Use first-party data to identify those target accounts that are using competitors and create an inbound page detailing why they should switch.

To do this tactic in an hour, simply create a segment in Mutiny of your target accounts where the competitor field in Salesforce is known. Then use Mutiny’s editor to create a website page that makes your case to those target accounts.

The exact format for the content is up to you, but be sure to keep it straightforward, informative and brief.

Finally with another hour, try creating an Active Deals Banner.

If you’re already in the process of a deal, it’s likely that multiple contacts at that active deal will reach your site. Having a streamlined, relevant response can create a great impression and even accelerate the deal. Use Salesforce to identify contacts at active deals, and create a personalized banner for them that briefly gives context on the deal and tells them who to contact. In the banner, you can easily link to the e-mail of the proper person on your team.

In the example below, inside Mutiny’s experience editor, the user wrote:’ in the Redirect URL field.

Alternatively, you can include a link to Chili Piper.

To summarize the steps involved here, you’ll use Salesforce to make a segment in Mutiny of your active deals. Then you’ll use Mutiny's editor to create your personalized banner content and dynamically insert the account rep's email address from Salesforce.

As we mentioned, you can find more tactics in our guide ‘10 1:1 ABM Tactics To Do With 1,000 Accounts’. But hopefully this gets your gears turning and the ball rolling on your journey to 1:1 ABM at scale.


Evan Burton

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