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4 Outbound Email Templates That Work

Good email content is critical to driving personalized landing page engagement and ultimately improving your conversion rates. The two most important aspects to optimize are your subject line and email content.

Let’s break them down piece by piece.

Subject line

Open rate (opens vs. delivered emails) is your KPI here.

Here are some helpful benchmarks to gauge the performance of your subject lines.

<< 20% >> You are likely flagged as spam

<<20-50% >> Iterate on your subject line

<<50-70% >> Healthy range

And here’s what you should be focusing on to create great subject lines.

Make it human and personal
You’re more likely to get a response if it seems like the outreach is coming from a person vs. a mass outreach or marketing campaign. Your tone should be familiar and brief, but compelling enough to open. Tactically, try shorthand/familiar subject lines, creating urgency, making exclusive offers, or writing subject lines that are individually relevant.

Below are a few examples.

“intro: {first} ({account}) + molly (mutiny)”

“hey {first-name} qq”

“Fwd: {account} growing like crazy, good time to reach out”

“Fwd: {account-possessive} page is ready”

“Fwd: would love to work with {account-possessive} - buy them dinner”

“onboarding fees waived for {account} until end of month”

“made this website for you {first}”

“Exclusive offer for {account}/{first}”



Now let’s move on to the actual content of your e-mail. Here are 4 examples of email content that has worked well for customers like Brex and Segment, and that we use ourselves at Mutiny. Choose one of these tactics for your first two emails, and supplement additional drips with other value adding content, like case studies, ROI sheets, competitor comparison, and so on.

Tactic 1: Brief introduction with ROI and social proof

Tactic 2: Forward from a web developer template (makes it feel like the page was manually created 1:1 for them)

Tactic 3 - Forward from boss authorizing special offer

Tactic 4 - Forward from the CEO asking you to reach out (Brex had 3x meetings booked with this tactic)

Example - Mutiny’s full 5-email campaign

To summarize, there are many tactics you can try to be compelling and relevant when you’re sending outbound e-mails. The key is to always include a human touch and to create immediate context that makes the outreach feel too important to ignore.


Evan Burton

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