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Switch from Google Optimize To Mutiny: Purpose-Built For B2B

Julio Bermúdez
Posted by Julio Bermúdez|Published on June 14, 2023
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When Google Optimize announced its shutdown, marketers were left searching for a reliable alternative to keep their experimentation programs running smoothly. Many found themselves evaluating legacy A/B testing solutions that lacked innovation and failed to keep up with the latest advancements in AI. From the very beginning (yes, even before the recent AI hype), AI has been central to Mutiny’s conversion platform. Our AI is trained on over 500,000 web pages and knows where small changes on your website can have an outsized impact on your revenue. 

With the recent addition of A/B testing, Mutiny now offers a fully unified AI conversion platform, combining A/B testing, personalization, and ABM to help B2B companies generate more pipeline from their websites.

Move Off Google Optimize, Get 70% Off Mutiny

Today, we are thrilled to announce a special limited time program for Google Optimize customers, making Mutiny more affordable than ever before. The first 100 companies to apply will get access to a suite of advanced A/B testing functionality at a price 70% lower than the cost of our full platform.

We hope that this will help ease the transition for companies looking to continue using conversion as a growth lever for their business. Apply today to start.

Built For B2B, With AI At The Core

In talking with Google Optimize users, we learned that legacy A/B testing tools haven’t kept up with the needs of modern marketers—especially when it comes to AI. They’ve got “check the box AI,” but weren’t built with AI at the core.

Mutiny AB Testing screenshots

In April, we rolled out advanced A/B testing for all existing Mutiny customers, bringing personalization, ABM, and A/B testing into a unified conversion platform, powered by AI.

Our AI is trained on over 500,000 B2B webpages and knows where small changes can have an outsized impact on revenue. That means Mutiny can proactively identify where you should be A/B testing (and, of course, what you should test).

Trusted By Leading CRO Agencies To Deliver Results To Their Clients

Mutiny's commitment to AI-powered solutions has attracted several leading agencies, including Spiralyze, who have successfully migrated 25+ clients to the Mutiny platform.

The positive feedback from clients like Forter further underscores the value of Mutiny's personalized experiences in accelerating business growth.

David Iken, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at Forter, shared his excitement, stating, "We're thrilled to be leveraging Mutiny's personalization platform and creating tailored experiences to accelerate our growth."

Accelerate Your Growth Journey Today

Don't let the shutdown of Google Optimize disrupt your experimentation efforts. Join the the fastest growing B2B companies like Notion, Snowflake, and ClickUp that have embraced Mutiny's AI-powered solutions and achieved remarkable results.

With the limited time program, you have an opportunity to access advanced A/B testing capabilities at an affordable price. Be sure to reserve your spot in line to get this limited time pricing.

Julio Bermúdez

Julio Bermúdez

Julio Bermúdez is the Chief Revenue Officer at Mutiny, making everyone amazing at growth.

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