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How the Fastest-Growing Companies Personalize Their Websites for ABM (Part 3: ABM Ad Landing Pages)

This is the 3rd article in our 4 part series. You can read the others here - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 4

If you have an ABM program, you likely use an ABM ad platform like Clearbit Advertising, 6sense, Terminus, RollWorks, ListenLoop or Demandbase to advertise to your target accounts.

Regardless of your ad platform, you can use Mutiny’s integrated IP enrichment data to identify the company or pass any ad campaign context through UTM parameters such as visitor's role/function.

Now let’s walk through examples of post-click personalized landing pages that can convert more target accounts and reduce your CAC.  

Customer data platform Segment personalizes the post ad click experience for each target account. Pairing their target account’s company name and ad creative, here is what a Microsoft employee sees on the landing page:

The product analytics powerhouse Amplitude uses Mutiny to personalize their website by the visitor’s industry such as financial services to ensure a cohesive ad and landing page experience.

Here is what a financial services vs. a media company would see, resulting in a 54% increase in leads:

“These kinds of changes really help folks like me blow their OKRs out of the water. In order to see a 54% increase in leads from Google ads, for example, it's going to cost you several thousand dollars at least. By implementing Mutiny, you're really able to drive increases across your website without having to pay for additional traffic on traditional ad platforms,” said Marcus Akerland, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Amplitude.

Different stakeholders tend to care about different aspects of your product. Most ABM ad platforms let you target ABM ads by job function. You can pass this context through UTM parameters to Mutiny to personalize for each function as in the example below:

Learn more about personalizing by vertical in our playbook here.

How to deliver the personalization

If your ABM campaign is already separated into accounts or groups, use UTM parameters to pass that data and easily create visitor segments in Mutiny. You can also use Mutiny’s integrated IP data to automatically enrich the visitor's company profile and personalize the web experience. Either of these methods will work regardless of your ABM ad platform.

Here is a quick preview for creating segments in Mutiny:

In the next article, I’ll show you how companies are creating 1:1 personalized pages to reach target accounts with a fully personalized experience that breaks through the inbox noise.


Jaleh Rezaei

CEO & Co-founder at Mutiny, previously Head of Marketing at Gusto from 10 to 500 employees and Director of Product Marketing at VMware.

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