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How the Fastest-Growing Companies Personalize Their Websites for ABM (Part 4: 1:1 Personalized Sales Outreach)

This is the last article in our 4 part series. You can read the others here - Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

One of the most powerful elements of an ABM strategy is an engaged sales team that is actively reaching out to target accounts to start a conversation. Most of us ignore cold generic outreach. Personalized outreach is the only way for you to stand out and get the attention of those precious target accounts.

With Mutiny, you can create 1:1 personalized pages with custom URLs in a highly scalable way. Reps can send these pages via email or LinkedIn and get 2-3x higher clickthrough rates and conversions.

Customer data platform Segment creates personalized pages for each target account. Their landing page below targeting Crocs includes:

Customized use cases of their product

Their target account’s tech stack

Social proof of other retailers successfully using Segment

A personalized CTA highlighting the rep that owns the account

Another great example of outbound personalization is from Gremlin whose platform prevents website outages for major retailers.

Their sales development reps have 2x the engagement by reaching target accounts with a personalized page with a custom ROI and branding. This personalization grabs the buyer’s attention by showing the cost of every minute of downtime on their website.

Here is what Bed Bath & Beyond would see:

They also showcase retailers that already work with Gremlin:

They end the landing page with a vertical-specific testimonial and custom CTA:

Finally, companies like Brex have tripled their signups by displaying a custom offer on their personalized outbound pages:

How to deliver the personalization

Mutiny integrates automatically with your Salesforce instance, enabling you to easily create 1:1 landing pages using your Salesforce account or opportunity data at scale. Within minutes you can create hundreds or thousands of tailored pages with personalized links for each account.

If you don't use Salesforce or if your data is fragmented across different tools, you can use a CSV with any data fields to create your personalized landing pages.

Here is a quick preview for creating 1:1 personalized pages at scale in Mutiny:

Once you create a campaign, Mutiny generates custom links for everyone in the campaign and writes the custom URL and page screenshot back in Salesforce.

Sales and marketing camaraderie

Sales teams are often unclear whether anything marketing creates actually resonates with their leads. Marketing may show them a 4% clickthrough rate on ads at the end of the quarter. But in most cases, sales can’t see the immediate or real impact of marketing.

Personalization is one of the few marketing strategies that sales instantly understands because they use it every day to win accounts. After sales reps send outbound personalized pages created by their marketing team using Mutiny, they can see immediate benefits/performance in Slack.

Mutiny sends Slack messages to your reps every time their target account sees or converts on an inbound personalized experience. They’re also alerted when a prospect visits their 1:1 page, enabling them to pop up a chat or call the account while they’re actively thinking about the product.

Mutiny customers have a shared Slack channel with their sales team. This opens up a dialogue between the teams as marketing and sales collaborate to engage more target accounts and act on the engagement already created.

“Our personalization campaign with mutiny provided an opportunity for our sales and marketing teams to collaborate more openly on how we're engaging our most important accounts. Both teams are now accountable and working together to convert our target accounts and track results in real-time,” said Peter Zawistowicz, Senior Manager of Growth Marketing at Gremlin

Instead of waiting for end-of-quarter results to fine tune, marketing is in the trenches of customer acquisition alongside sales. One team, one dream :)


Jaleh Rezaei

CEO & Co-founder at Mutiny, previously Head of Marketing at Gusto from 10 to 500 employees and Director of Product Marketing at VMware.

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