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Personalization Strategy Guide: Size Matters [Chapter 2]

Molly Bruckman and June Castro
Posted by Molly Bruckman and June Castro|Published on April 01, 2022
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Before getting started: The stuff covered in this chapter builds on what you built in Chapter 1 (we recommend starting there if you haven't done it already).

🕵️ Your Mission

  • Launch a personalized headline for small companies

  • Launch a personalized headline for large companies

💡 What You'll Learn

✅  How to personalize for small companies

✅ How to personalize for large companies

✅ Get a leg up with Mutiny’s AI

🎒What You'll Need

✅ That smart brain of yours

✅ Basic understanding of how customer messaging changes by company size

Why this segment?

For your first real personalized experiences, we recommend splitting your audience into two big groups - large and small companies.

Regardless of your business, the needs and buying journey is vastly different for smaller and larger companies. How many stakeholders are involved, what feature sets they need, which value props are most resonant, and the general way you communicate to different size business varies greatly.

Mutiny customers see an average lift of +35% when personalizing by company size.

Let’s get to it!

We will start off on easy mode. Create a segment for small companies — for example, “Number of Employees = 1-10 or 11-50 or 51-250”.

Create a personalized page for your homepage, click on your headline and let’s personalize. If you have an idea for your headline, let it rip. If you need some help, use Mutiny’s headline generator to get some starter ideas which you can refine before you launch.

Why start with headlines?

When someone lands on a page, they read the headline and skim the section titles before deciding whether or not to invest their time in the rest of the page content. Make sure your headlines pop to capture your audience.

Subtle personalization can often be missed by the visitor, so try to call out something bold and relevant. It's OK to be 80% accurate, but you must be 100% clear and relevant in your messaging. You don't have to capture every single thing you do for this segment in your headline - just say the most compelling one as clearly as possible!

🔥 Hot tip: Personalizing for startups

Startups think of themselves as a unique segment and proudly self-identify as a "startup." They tend to value time and ease of use. They're also tight on budget and are used to special pricing or discounts. Startups prefer to try before they buy, and often prefer to dive in instead of talking to sales.

Include the name of the segment (e.g. "Product analytics for Startups" or "Built for early stage companies"), highlight their most critical pain point, or overcome their #1 perceived objection (e.g., "Get started for free").

Kinda fun right? Now, let’s create our large company experience. Repeat the steps above but this time targeting large companies, for example, “Number of Employees = 251-1K or 1K-5K or 5K-10K or 10K+”.

🔥 Hot tip: Personalizing for large companies

Enterprises tend to focus on scalability, diversity of use cases, integrations, compliance and admin controls.

Successful headline personalization tends to include the name of the segment (e.g. "Trusted by the Fortune 500") or highlight their most critical pain point (e.g. "Plugs into any tech stack").

A note on priority

Since you already have an all traffic experience running on your homepage, you’ll want to make these new experiences higher priority so we can be sure they receive traffic. In general, smaller segments should be higher priority than larger segments.

⭐️ Extra credit:

Hungry for more? Try personalizing your sub-header, too. Use Mutiny’s value prop rewrite feature to get those juices flowing.

Need more inspiration?

Check out company size playbooks from other ground breakers.

What’s next?

We will let these size guys collect some data and check back in on how they are doing in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let’s keep building out these journeys – we'll show you how in Chapter 3.

Molly Bruckman and June Castro

Molly Bruckman and June Castro

Molly Bruckman is Head of Customer Experience, and June Castro is a Growth Strategist. Together, they help Mutiny customers achieve their wildest career ambitions by delivering conversions and revenue to their teams.

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