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Use offers to ease the end-of-year rush for converting leads

Ah, it’s that time of year for sleigh bells and cheer, and warming up leads by the light of your marketing. As many are rushing to get those deals in before the end of year, offers are a tried-and-true tactic for giving leads the nudge they need to convert to a customer.

In this post we’ll cover a few tactics for creating effective offers, and hopefully have some holiday fun along the way.

T-shirts keep the leads coming

Automox is a cloud-based cyber hygiene and patch management platform. When visitors on their high value pages (pricing, signup, product pages, landing pages) are about to exit, they are offered a t-shirt to convince them to start a trial before they can click away. The offer makes the visitor feel like part of an “in-the-know” group and it positions Automox as a modern alternative to other solutions. This tactic has earned Automox a 40% conversion rate after a 12% CTR.

With a set-up that can take minutes (assuming you already have a fulfillment process in place), this tactic could lead to truly happy holidays for your marketing team and your customers.

Drop the F-bomb. First month free.

One effective tactic we’ve seen is to offer the first month free. This is a simple tactic that could take many forms––a banner targeted to known accounts in the evaluation stage, an exit intent modal to visitors who have viewed pricing pages, or side-pop targeted to one of your main personas.

Here we’ve shown an example of an outbound page, abridged for space. Typically this type of page would include a personalized headline, “problem/solution” section, and a “how it works” section. Notice the deal sweetener, a CTA to book a demo and get the first month free.

Give them expert attention

RStudio makes open-source software for data scientists, plus enterprise software that enables professional data science teams to develop and share their work at scale. When target accounts landed on RStudio’s home page, they were shown a banner offering a free 30 minute consultation with a data science expert. RStudio created urgency by highlighting that only 10 spots were left to talk to the expert.

If you have access to a Subject Matter Expert, this tactic is a low-lift way to make target accounts feel the warm and fuzzies (and readiness to convert) that come along with a highly relevant offer.

What you already have is more than enough

You don’t always have to stuff the proverbial marketing stocking with the fanciest trinkets. Sometimes, what you already have is enough. For example, does your service have no limits on the number of seats a customer can have? Phrase that as an offer and serve it to a relevant audience. You can do the same with unlimited integrations or waiving onboarding fees (when you have none). One note on this tactic - make sure your “personal” (read: generic) offer is not plastered all over your website and marketing materials. A disingenuous offer will damage your brand cred.

This side-pop modal takes minutes to create in Mutiny, making for a quick way to convert a few additional leads before the new year’s ball drops.

Share a taste to keep them coming back

Imagine you are at a holiday market and the smell of fudge wafts gently by. And then, lucky you, it turns out the vendor responsible for the delicious scent it is giving away free samples.

Raise your hand if in this situation you’re eventually walking away with a pound of chocolate you’ve purchased. (Our hand is up).

You can create a similar effect with a free, low-lift offer related to your core product. SecurityScorecard helps companies manage risk with security ratings of 3rd parties like vendors and partners. When visitors land on their homepage, they are offered their own security rating for free. After filling out a brief survey, the score is delivered by email.

This experience, while simple, nets SecurityScorecard 60 additional leads per month.

Final words

These are just a few of the many ways you can easily create offers that help to get your go-to-market team over the goal line as the year winds down. If this post inspired you to pursue a tactic not listed here, that’s awesome. Now you’re really in the spirit.


Evan Burton

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