Website, Known Visitors

Personalize value proposition by job function for known visitors

When to consider this playbook

If you have a lot of returning visitors and your product’s use case changes based on role or job function, you should personalize your website value props for each segment.

Data available to you

Email enrichment is integrated into Mutiny, which gives you access to Role, Title, and Seniority for visitors that have previously given you their email. We can access the emails via Segment or Mutiny API.

Examples of role includes:

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Human resources

  • Marketing

  • IT

We can further break down each role by sub-role, for example for IT we have: 

  • Security

  • Architect

  • Database

  • Systems

You can also use seniority to change your messaging. The available levels of seniority are Executive, Director, and Manager. 

See full list of role attributes here.

Mutiny can also use the role data you have in Salesforce or Segment. 

How to personalize

The hardest part of role-based personalization is getting emotionally comfortable with communicating a reduced value prop. Marketers often like to list all their product’s amazing capabilities. However, different stakeholders care about certain aspects more than others. For example, an engineer might care about implementation and integrations whereas a line of business stakeholder may care about business value and user experience. Focus your message on the stakeholder’s KPIs and responsibilities. Less is more. 


This is your opportunity to draw people in with a really compelling value prop. Use the name of the segment (e.g., "Finance teams optimize their savings with TripActions") or a phrase that will pique this segment’s interest (e.g., "Maximize savings with complete visibility into travel spend" for finance visitors or “Business travel that your employees love" for HR visitors). 


Use your sub-head to go into more detail or make a secondary point that will be compelling to the segment.

Page content

Use the real estate on your page to communicate relevant value props to the user’s job function. Lean on usage from your existing customers in those roles to inform the value props throughout the page. 


If you are targeting decision makers, use action oriented CTA language such as "get started" or "buy now." If you are targeting influencers, a lower commitment CTA such as "learn more" or "download whitepaper to share with your team" may work better. 

See it in action

Segment is a customer data platform that lets you collect, standardize, and activate your customer data in all your marketing and analytics tools with a single API. 

Below is an illustration of how they can personalize their headline and sub-head for an engineer vs. a product manager.

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