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Personalize website experience for target accounts

When to consider this playbook

If you're running an ABM program or have target accounts that you're going after, you should personalize their experience when they come to your website.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP and matches it to your Salesforce records. This enables you to identify if a visitor is from a target account and personalize their website experience using your Salesforce data (such as their use case) or the automatic IP enrichment data (such as their industry or tech stack).

Mutiny also lets you create a personalized landing page to use in your outbound ABM efforts. See the outbound ABM playbook if you want to provide your target accounts with persistent personalization and relevant content throughout their digital experience.

How to personalize

When someone goes to a website, they read the headline and skim the section titles before deciding whether or not to invest their time in the rest of the page's content. Make sure your headlines pop to capture your audience. 


This should be focused on the particular attribute that you're personalizing, such as company name, industry, location, size of company, etc. For example, if you're segmenting target accounts by the largest company size in the healthcare industry, you can say "Pfizer, this is why healthcare industry leaders choose Acme."


Explain in further detail why your product or service is valuable to your target accounts. For example "Acme is a purpose-built SaaS platform for healthcare enterprises."


Often companies win a few marquee accounts in a vertical before doubling down on target accounts in that vertical. Show logos that match the account's use case, industry and company size.

The most compelling logos for large enterprise target accounts are competitors or leaders in the industry. On the other hand, high growth target accounts are more compelled by logos from companies with a similar growth rate and culture. For example, Brex may be more compelled by Slack than by Wells Fargo. Whereas American Express may be more compelled by seeing Visa and Wells Fargo. 


Tailor your CTA to the particular attributes of your target accounts. If they're startups or SMB they will probably want a free trial, so "Start Your Free Trial" or "Sign Up Now" could work well. 

If your target accounts are enterprise you can recommend "See a demo" or "Talk with an expert." We have also seen success with inserting the name of the target account into the CTA button name or the CTA header such as "Want to see how Pfizer can use Acme?" or "Want us to analyze Pzifer's customer data?" or "Book a demo for Pfizer."

See it in action

Brex provides corporate cards with industry-specific benefits. They use company name and industry-specific value props to appeal to their target accounts.

Below is a live example of how Brex personalizes their website for target accounts.

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