Tailor blog CTA by company size

When to consider this playbook

Personalizing by company size is relevant to almost all B2B companies, because product usage and needs vary greatly for a 10 person company vs. a 100 person company vs. a large enterprise. Purchase motivation and relevant social proof are also quite different depending on the company’s maturity. 

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP, which gives you access to the following employee ranges:

  • 1-10

  • 11-50

  • 51-250

  • 251-1K

  • 1K-5K

  • 5K-10K

  • 10K-50K

  • 50K-100K

  • 100K+

You can also use company revenue or funding amount to delineate company maturity. 

How to personalize

Typically a blog CTA has a headline, sub-head, and text. Here's how to think about personalizing these elements.


Your CTA headline is the hook that will grab your future customer's attention. This is your opportunity to pull them in with a really compelling value prop. Use the name of the segment (e.g., "product analytics for startups") or a phrase that will pique this segment’s interest (e.g., "unlimited seats").


Use your sub-head to go into more detail or make a secondary point that will be compelling to the segment. For example:

Startups: "1,000 startups use Amplitude to understand user behavior and get to product market fit faster." 

Enterprises: "Empower your entire product organization with data to iterate fast and stay nimble."

CTA text

Generally, action oriented CTAs such as "get started" or "buy now" work best, especially for smaller companies. For larger companies, a lower commitment CTA such as "schedule a consultation" or "view a case study" may work better.

See it in action

Gusto offers modern HR software to companies with 1-100+ employees. A small startup might be more concerned with ease of use and only need payroll software, whereas a larger company may care more about compliance and be interested in a wider range of HR features. 

Below is an illustration of a personalized CTA for these two segments.

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