Website, Known Visitors

Upsell existing customers or upgrade free users to paid plans

When to consider this playbook

If you offer a free or paid product that brings users to your website to log in, and you have additional products or services you can offer them, then you should create personalized upsell experiences. You can also promote events or educational materials. 

Even if the user does not convert right away, this is a consistent yet non-intrusive touchpoint for showing your customers your new products and content without requiring engineering work.

Data available to you

Mutiny identifies the visitor's company through IP and matches it to your Salesforce records to identify the current product or plan the visitor is using. Alternatively, you can use our Segment integration or the Mutiny API to automatically pass your customer data to Mutiny.

How to personalize

The best place to communicate with existing customers is the top of the fold because existing users go for the "log in" button and rarely scroll down the page. Don't block their experience by hiding useful items like the login button; change the portions that don't currently add value to something more relevant. 


This should be focused on the value your customer can realize by trying additional products or services you offer. For example, "Busy? Outsource all your bookkeeping to ACME" or "ChatBot is the perfect companion to HelpDocs" or "Get Ganntt charts in Airtable for $12/month." You can pull in your customer data for more catchy content such as "Congrats on adding your 10th employee! Want to try our onboarding product?" or "Jess, we just added behavioral data to Mutiny. Want to grab time with Julie (your CSM) to show you how to activate it?"


Explain how the upsell or cross-sell product is going to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. For example, "Reduce your time to resolution by 45% by adding ChatBot to your stack."


Contextualize your CTA to the upsell. For example "Learn more about Gantt charts," "Get Started with ChatBot" or "Book time with Julie with one click." You should not need to collect more information since we know the user. 

See it in action

Mode is an analytics platform designed to help data scientists answer open ended questions. They have a freemium model and are focused on how to upsell free customers into their enterprise plan, Mode Business. 

For their users already on a free plan, instead of a generic value prop for Mode Business, they change the headline to thank the user for signing up for the free product and suggest they try Mode Business.

Below is a live example of how Mode personalizes their website for upsells.

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