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Creating Your First Pages

Chapter 3 – Creating Your First Pages
YOUR MISSIONWHAT YOU'LL NEEDWHAT YOU'LL LEARNTurn your CSV into personalized pagesLet’s get to it!
Creating your CSV
Upload your CSV to Mutiny
Personalize your page
What’s next?
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  • Combine all of your campaign ingredients into a CSV
  • Upload your CSV into Mutiny
  • Personalize your page following our best practices


  • Your interview hat on
  • A couple of your sales friends
  • Customer data from your CRM


  • How to interview your sales team to align on account & contact selection and prioritization
  • How to cross-reference sales insight and customer data and find valuable firmographics
  • What makes a top tier account at your company

Turn your CSV into personalized pages

In the last chapter you picked a cohort and page for your first personalized campaign.

Now comes the fun part — creating your personalized pages in Mutiny!

While you can use Salesforce as a data source, we recommend getting started with a CSV as you are learning what fields you want to include. Once you get a good handle on the variables you'll want, you can scale your campaign with Salesforce.

In this chapter we’ll help you publish your first pages in Mutiny by:

  • Combining all of your campaign ingredients into a CSV

  • Uploading your CSV into Mutiny

  • Personalizing your page following our best practices

Let’s get to it!

Creating your CSV

You’ve done the work to gather all of your campaign ingredients. Now it’s time to combine those into a single CSV you can upload into Mutiny.

The easiest way to start is by creating a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets. Feel free to start with our quick-start templates. The easiest way to start is by creating a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets. Check out the 'CSV for Mutiny upload' tab in this sheet for a sample template you can use as a starting point.

Here’s a simple way to think about how your CSV translates in Mutiny 👇

Every column in your CSV is a ‘variable’ in Mutiny. Each variable represents a piece of data you can use to personalize an element on your page. Like your page title, for example. 

ABM Academy | Chapter 3 Image 1

Every row in your CSV represents a separate ‘page’ in Mutiny. Each row contains all of the information for one contact and each contact gets their own personalized page. 

So how do you prep your CSV for easy plug-and-play in Mutiny? 

Start with the easy stuff. Firmographic and demographic data like first name, last name, company name, job title, industry, etc. 

Then, move on to populating a couple of key graphics, including the company logo and homepage screenshot. Use the quick hacks below to automate this process using tools like Clearbit and Urlbox. 

Tip: Auto-generate logo images with Clearbit

Using Clearbit’s Logo API tool you can auto-populate your logo column in seconds with the image URL for each company logo. 

Tip: Auto-generate screenshots with Urlbox

Using Urlbox’s Screenshot API tool you can auto-populate your homepage screenshot column. These images come in handy if you want to personalize your page with a shot of your prospect’s website homepage. 

The last set of columns in your CSV contain your ‘Value Prop’ copy. You gathered this data in earlier chapters when researching what messaging resonates with your target persona(s). You’ll now add that copy to your CSV so you can easily insert it into your pages. 

You don’t need to have personalized value prop copy for each contact, but challenge yourself to include 4-5 columns of effective snippets you can use to tailor the messaging on your page to that cohort. 

When you’re finished, you’ll have something that looks like the CSV below.

ABM Academy | Chapter 3 Image 2 | CSV Image

Upload your CSV to Mutiny

Once your spreadsheet is fully populated with the information you’ll need, be sure to export it as a CSV before uploading it to Mutiny. 

This step is pretty simple, but be sure to review your CSV closely and make sure there are no errors or missing data before uploading.

Click here for specific instructions on how to upload your CSV to Mutiny

Personalize your page

Once your CSV finishes uploading, you’ll be able to see all of your cohort data in the Mutiny campaign page.

ABM Academy | Chapter 3 - Clean up audience

Now that you've uploaded your data, it's time to start creating the experience! The process of personalizing your page is very straight-forward (and fun!). Have you ever personalized a marketing email using tokens? Then you'll be a pro! Simply select an element on the page and insert one of your variables to personalize it.

Click here for specific instructions on how to personalize your pages in Mutiny

But what should you personalize? 

Use this page as an opportunity to introduce your company, what problems your prospect may have in their role, and how your product helps them.

There's a lot you can personalize on the page, but no need to boil the ocean. Focus on top-of-fold elements that will hook your prospect and get them to continue reading. 

In your page hero, include 2-3 variables like the prospect's first name, company name or a personalized image to let them know immediately that you're speaking directly to them.

ABM Academy | Chapter 3 Personalized Hero image

As you continue down the page, look to include specific value props that you know matter to their persona or industry. This could include relevant customer quotes and logos as well.

ABM Academy | Chapter 3 - Personalized Value Prop Section

For CTAs, try to incorporate their name or key pain points that you know will grab their attention and get them to click.

ABM Academy | Chapter 3  - Personalized CTA

As you can see, personalizing your page is easy. You don’t need to overthink it, especially when launching your first campaign. 

On that note, if you’re happy with your page, let’s slam that launch button! 🚀 You've now created a variation of your page for each row in your CSV.

What’s next?

Your first campaign is looking great 😎 Nice work! 

In the next chapter, we'll show you how to get these pages in the hands of your target accounts, and the art of pacing and iteration. 

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