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ABM During Covid: Leverage your brand and help new markets thrive.

This is the ninth post in a series on how to do ABM during Covid. You can find the previous post in the series here.

In other posts, we've covered how companies have created ABM strategies around custom ROI, or how they've used data to create educational content that helped their customers navigate the new market realities of Covid. You can find these stories and more in our guide '10 Strategies to Save your ABM Program During Covid'.

This time, we'll turn to the innovative approach of Vimeo, a company truly that needs no introduction. It is renowned as the platform that helps creative professionals and businesses create, share and market videos online. With its offering of self-serve and enterprise solutions for many types of businesses, some words you might associate with the brand are joyful, helpful, creative and modern.

When the pandemic hit, many businesses were forced to quickly find an online video solution. Vimeo leveraged its well-established self-serve brand to help target accounts discover the value in Vimeo’s enterprise solution.

Vimeo began by analyzing its database of two-million self-serve users, and they found that people who already have accounts converted at a higher rate to the enterprise solution. So they developed a target account list from these users. Then the next step was to find the right thing to say to these target users.

Vimeo was already a source of assistance for those who might not fully understand the video ecosystem. It recognized an acceleration in need for this specific kind of value it was providing, and quickly evolved its language, content and marketing to bring new users––with an urgent need for enterprise-grade video technology––into the fold. This meant more coverage of topics like how to live stream, the value of OTT video––or what OTT even means. (It stands for Over-the-Top. Think on-demand streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.)

Caitlin explains how Vimeo’s consumer-facing brand helped them make the case for enterprise, saying, “The go to market strategy for enterprise is so much easier because you can say: you know Vimeo, you trust Vimeo and you think it’s cool. Did you know there are other Vimeo solutions like OTT and Vimeo Enterprise?

With this ‘helping’ messaging in place, Vimeo developed content and events that supported it. They created Streameo, a 9 hour virtual event featuring 30 speakers all focused on helping video businesses grow. This included topics like ‘How to be successful on the small screen’ led by creators like Indie Flicks, Martha Stewart TV and College Humor Media. Another session, led by Nikon, was all about how to elevate productions outside of a traditional studio setting.

“The objective wasn’t to pitch the attendees,” Caitlin says, “It was to truly connect people and grow a community. But we made sure to always tie it back to the Vimeo brand by including beautiful videos that are produced by creators on”

Vimeo also created a series of Masterclasses that covered topics adjacent to video creation that were still vitally important to enterprises. For example, one of its most successful pieces of Masterclass content was a guide to budgeting for livestream.

Because it was genuinely offering valuable resources and community for businesses new to the video space, Vimeo was able to drive its marketing messaging in a way that was more natural, and even delightful, than typical B2B marketing.

“Too often B2B really means B-2-Boring,” Caitlin says. “But we have this beautiful brand that is trusted by filmmakers and revered as being a wonderful tool that's genuinely joyful to use.”

The success of using education to expand the Vimeo brand’s halo of delightfulness to enterprise targets,” Caitlin says “really proves the importance of brand––we were able to talk directly to the people we really wanted to about subjects that mattered most to them.”

In trusting the core of its brand and making wonderful experiences for businesses new to the space, Vimeo demonstrates that you can fundamentally change your marketing strategy to adapt to the market, while staying true to your core brand identity.

Check out '10 Strategies to save your ABM program during Covid' to get even more insights and actionable strategies from top marketers.


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