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Creating Custom Segments = Creating More Leads

We recently launched behavioral audiences, a feature that allows you to identify visitors by creating custom audience segments based on browsing behavior. Already we’ve seen companies launching interesting and effective experiences.

Behavioral audiences work like this. Inside Mutiny, you choose a type of audience you’d like to create (e.g. ‘use case’). Then you name the specific audience you will be personalizing for (e.g. ’website optimization’) and finally you add keywords that represent this audience affiliation (e.g. ‘conversion’ or ‘lift’ or ‘optimization’). Mutiny will scrape your website URLs and page content to surface pages that match your definition. You can then review and refine the list as needed.

You can repeat this process to identify other audiences like persona, vertical and buying stage.

To get your imagination going, here are a few examples.

Carta rakes in the leads by personalizing for early stage companies  

Carta is an online equity management platform for companies of all sizes. They use the behavioral audience feature to identify early stage companies based on the URLs they visit on the Carta site, such as ‘founder resource center’ or ‘equity basics for founders’. They clearly call out the buyer––startups––and include logos of other startups in their social proof section.

This led to a 197% increase in leads!

Kyriba taps the C-Suite with personalized banners

Kyriba is a cloud-based provider of treasury and finance solutions. They identify CFOs by the URLs they visit, and serve up a personalized banner offering an eBook about fraud mitigation.

With this tactic, Kyriba drives downloads from  1 out of 3 C-Suite visitors . Not bad for a notoriously busy audience.

SecurityScorecard personalizes promoted content by use case –– and wins

SecurityScorecard is a company that provides cybersecurity and compliance ratings to millions of businesses around the world. For visitors who view pages related to third-party risk management, including blog posts and solutions pages, SecurityScorecard shows a banner promoting content about building a risk management program.

Proving the value of this approach and its relevance to website visitors, SecurityScorecard converts an extra 85% from this personalization.

SecurityScorecard inspires trust in later stage buyers with a customer review banner

Creating a dedicated section that highlights ratings from places like G2 or Capterra can be an effective tactic for visitors in the awareness stage. Security Scorecard modified this strategy and created a banner targeted at buyers near the bottom of the funnel that linked to a collection of customer reviews for the product.

This lead to a 90% conversion rate, demonstrating the value of the right message at the right time.  

Logikcull sweetens the deal for visitors at purchase stage

Logickull is a cloud-based system for managing the process of legal discovery. Visitors identified as being in the purchase stage are presented a modal offering a 30 minute call with a representative before they click away. And when a visitor signs up, they’re sent an Amazon gift card.

This use of the exit intent modal is a twist on an effective tactic that takes only minutes to set up.


Evan Burton

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