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How the Fastest-Growing Companies Personalize Their Websites for ABM (Part 1: Framework)

ABM marketers invest months narrowing down their target accounts. After talking to hundreds of marketers and CMOs with ABM programs though, most companies rely on ABM ad platforms as their main - and in some cases the only - ABM marketing strategy.

Fortunately, there's one other key strategy to get more out of your ABM program and an ROI on all the time spent getting to know those target companies: a personalized website.  

In this 4 part article series, I will show you how to turn your website into the most strategic component of your ABM strategy. We’ll cover:

  • The vital role of your website in an ABM strategy
  • Examples of how the fastest-growing SaaS companies are personalizing their website to convert target accounts
  • How to make the sales team fall in love with you by adding website alerts

The Role of the Website in ABM

All roads on your customer journey lead back to your website. At some point, virtually every single ABM account that has even the faintest interest in your product will end up on your website to learn more.

If you show each account and their stakeholders the most relevant content for their industry, size, or stage of funnel, you can increase your odds of closing the account by 3x (that’s real data from our customers).

There are 3 main buckets of activities that drive target accounts to your website as shown in the graphic below.

  1. Organic or offline activities
    Target accounts can discover your product(s) through SEO, word of mouth or offline activities such as direct mail or events. When they do, they land on your corporate website to learn how you can solve their specific problems and help companies like them.
  2. ABM ads
    You can show ads to specific companies using ABM ad platforms such as Clearbit advertising, 6sense or Terminus. The buyers that momentarily find your ads interesting, click through to your landing page where you have about 60 seconds to dazzle them.
  3. Sales outreach via email/LinkedIn
    One of the most powerful elements of an ABM strategy is an engaged sales team that actively reaches out to target accounts to start a conversation. Most of us ignore cold generic outreach. Personalized outreach is the only way for you to stand out and get the attention of those precious target accounts.

You can win over target accounts in all 3 instances with scalable, personalized web experiences.

In the next 3 articles, I’ll show you how companies are personalizing their website for each of these 3 channels.

Jump to Part 2: personalization examples for organic website traffic

Jump to Part 3: personalization examples for ABM ad landing pages

Jump to Part 4: personalization examples for 1:1 sales outreach


Jaleh Rezaei

CEO & Co-founder at Mutiny, previously Head of Marketing at Gusto from 10 to 500 employees and Director of Product Marketing at VMware.

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