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Introducing Microsites: Generate More Revenue From Your Target Accounts

Andy Schumeister
Posted by Andy Schumeister|Published on April 01, 2024
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Mutiny has always enabled you to personalize your website to generate pipeline from your target accounts when they come inbound.

You can now bring the power of 1:1 personalization to your entire target account list—even if they aren’t coming to your site.

Announcing the Public Preview for AI-powered 1:1 microsites, along with new features designed to seamlessly integrate Sales into your Marketing efforts.

With the addition of microsites to our existing web personalization solution, Mutiny makes your outbound efforts as personalized as the inbound web experience for every target account.


Read on to learn more about what we’re launching or schedule a demo to see how you can use Mutiny to generate pipeline and revenue from your target accounts through AI-powered personalized experiences, 1:1 microsites, and account intelligence.

You can only provide an ideal experience for a fraction of your ICP

Your ideal customer profile (ICP) really is ideal: selling to your ICP comes with higher win rates, higher ACV, improved retention, and more.

The problem? You can only break through to a fraction of your ICP. That’s because it takes a cross-functional team of ABM Managers, AEs, SDRs, Designers, and more to create and execute hyper-personalized 1:1 GTM campaigns.

In practice, this means Marketing typically picks a handful of strategic accounts to really dive into with Sales with targeted 1:1 GTM campaigns. And for the rest of your ICP, you resort to less effective strategies that can be executed at scale: ads, social media, SEO, email blasts, etc.

Until now, Marketing hasn't been able to play a meaningful role in breaking through to target accounts because the 1:1 marketing strategies that work don’t scale, and what scales doesn’t work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. AI has reached the point where you can now use it as an invisible team of doers to automate all of the manual steps required to develop and execute 1:1 marketing strategies that actually work. And now, you can do it at scale with Mutiny.

Treat your entire target account list like your top 10 accounts with Mutiny

Gone are the days of only creating custom landing pages for your top 10 accounts. Mutiny uses AI to automatically generate highly relevant landing pages that rival manually created pages in minutes—no code required, and with limitless scale.

Microsites were built to support your outbound motion, giving AEs and SDRs access to 1:1 pages for every target account they’re working on. Instead of AEs and SDRs sending prospects to a generic landing page, they can send a fully personalized microsite that’s tailored to the prospect’s industry, pain points, buying stage, and more.

All you need to do is sync your target accounts, select any page on your website, and let Mutiny’s AI create personalized 1:1 pages for every account. You can review and edit anything on the page before publishing the pages and syncing the links to your CRM for easy access for Sales.

Create Microsites with Mutiny

Microsites help you bring target accounts to your site with targeted outbound from your SDRs. But that is only the beginning. Mutiny can, of course, personalize every page on your website for target accounts when they inevitably come inbound, ensuring a consistent experience throughout the entire buying process.

Unify Sales and Marketing to accelerate deal velocity

70% of marketing assets never get used by Sales—that’s because they’re built in a vacuum and lack the customization Sales expects when working with prospects. We’ve built Mutiny to integrate seamlessly into AE’s and SDR’s workflows and tools so they can immediately benefit from personalization without changing how they operate.

During the Public Preview, Outreach customers get an enhanced experience and can use Mutiny to identify and personalize the web experience for any contact that clicks any link sent via Outreach. For example, when a prospect clicks any link sent via Outreach, you can greet them with our new “Book A Meeting” banner, enabling them to book a meeting directly with their assigned AE or SDR.

Mutiny’s new Chrome extension arms AEs and SDRs with easy access to personalized assets and account intelligence for every account. Mutiny also provides contact-level alerts and notifications so SDRs can quickly take action the moment a lead is warm.

ABM Extension

It takes a GTM village to break through to your target accounts. Mutiny is what it takes to unify Sales and Marketing so you can break into your most valuable accounts–at scale.

The future is unified

We see the most successful B2B companies take a unified approach to generating revenue from their target accounts. That means Marketing isn’t just responsible for pipeline. Marketing also partners with Sales to accelerate and close pipeline, and with Customer Success to expand and retain customers.

Easier said than done, right? While there are disparate tools that focus on any one of these things, taking a disjointed approach results in a disjointed GTM org and, worse, a disjointed customer experience.

With today’s launch, we’re excited to release our first major milestone as we build a unified future for the entire GTM org.

If you’re an existing Mutiny customer, reach out to your Growth Strategist to learn how you can start using the new functionality. If you’re new to Mutiny, schedule a demo to see how Mutiny can help you generate more pipeline from your ICP.

P.S. On April Fools Day, we launched a fake product called “Microsites,” the world’s smallest website. While that was definitely a joke, we promise this is 100% real.

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