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Mutiny Playmaker: Build Your Base [Chapter 1]

Molly Bruckman
Posted by Molly Bruckman|Published on June 06, 2023
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🕵️ Your Mission

  • Complete “Using Mutiny 101”

  • Launch an exit modal to recapture high intent visitors

  • Launch a sitewide banner to promote an asset

  • Launch an A/B test on a headline or CTA text

💡 What You'll Learn

✅ How to create a segment in Mutiny

✅ Types of experiences you can launch

✅ How to launch an exit modal

✅ How to launch a banner

✅ How to launch an A/B test

🎒What You'll Need

✅ Your Mutiny login 😉

✅ An asset or event you want to promote

✅ A pinch of creativity

We’re gonna start easy (like Sunday morning)

Have you gotten all your integrations and conversions set up? If so, you’re killing it. We know these things can take some time, so we’re going to start easy with a couple all traffic “easy wins” you can launch to get a feel for the platform, start collecting data, and start driving results immediately.

Why this segment?

Obviously there’s a lot of power in creating personalized experiences for specific segments, but you can also use Mutiny to create experiences and A/B tests for all visitors.

We are going to start with a few of these to start training your muscles, build your base, and give you a little time to finalize your implementation.

Do make sure to knock that out as soon as possible, though, so we can get to the good stuff!

Let’s get to it!

How does this whole Mutiny thing work? Mutiny 101 will show you the basics of how to launch your first experience so you get the most out of Mutiny.

Go ahead.. I’ll wait. Come back here once you know everything 😉

If you already know how to launch an experience, then read on!

Your goal is to launch 2 easy wins this week. We have 3 options for you to choose from. If you’re feeling ambitious, try out all 3!

Option 1: An exit modal for high intent visitors

First, let’s set up an exit modal on a bottom of funnel page. For example, your pricing or signup page. Exit modals are a great way to grab some extra conversions from visitors that would otherwise have left your site.

Here's an example of what an exit modal could look like (highlighted in purple):

Mutiny exit modal

Since the visitor has viewed a high intent page, you’re likely to capture them with a bottom of funnel CTA, like signup or book a demo.

Open up the segment creator and choose “All Traffic” for your segment. Then, create a redirect exit modal experience, customize the content and styling and let her roll.

Option 2: A banner to promote an asset

Add a banner to promote an analyst report, new blog post, hot case study, or upcoming event. Use multi-page targeting to add the banner sitewide and expand your reach.

Banners are most helpful for conversion if the CTA links to a page that has a lead capture, such as gated content, downloadable resources, webinar signups, or even direct to scheduling meetings with sales or to your signup form.

You can style the banner to match your branding, like in the example highlighted in purple below.

Mutiny banner example

🔥 Hot tip: Banner best practices

  • Your banner needs to have a really compelling hook and CTA. Eventually, these should be customized and hyper-relevant to the segment you are targeting.

  • Your banner content should be short and punchy so it’s quick to read and take action on.

  • Run banners sitewide when possible to maximize exposure.

Note: make sure your banner is not covering your navigation! More info on how to prevent that here.

Option 3: A headline or CTA test

We know not all experience types always suit all our customers. In case you can’t launch option 1 or 2, let’s launch a simple A/B test for All Traffic.

Try testing a different headline or CTA copy. Choose a high traffic page to maximize your impact.

Hero Sample Website Image

Need more inspiration?

Check out these exit modal and banner playbooks from other Mutiny superstars.

What’s next?

We will let these first few experiences collect some data and check back in on how they are doing in the next few weeks.

If you're feeling ready to keep rolling, let’s move to the next lesson.

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman is Head of Growth Marketing. She loves helping Mutiny customers achieve their wildest career ambitions by delivering conversions and revenue to their teams.

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