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The 3 Most Impactful ABM Personalizations We Saw Last Year

Mutiny Team
Posted by Mutiny Team|Published on November 12, 2020
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No matter their industry or size of business, marketers are after the same thing: impact. And often they’re also short on the same thing: time. So we thought it would be helpful to share 3 simple ABM experiences that are proven to quickly drive impact.

1. Banners promoting content assets

Banners are a great way to capture the attention of target accounts during the evaluation stage. And banners promoting white papers or linking to analysts reports are relatively easy and quick and easy to implement.

Kyriba is a cloud-based provider of treasury and finance solutions. It has used IP firmographic and behavioral data to promote content to high-value accounts.

Banners––which can live at the top or the bottom of your page––are easy to set up in Mutiny.

When creating your banner content, keep the copy in the banner brief and clear –– a short, crisp sentence that engages interest. Your CTA should be strong and actionable, and tell the visitor what they’ll be getting. Think ‘Download Whitepaper’ instead of ‘Learn more’.

Banners promoting content assets

With tactics similar to this, Kyriba was able to achieve a 26% conversion rate, or 1 out of 4 target accounts converted!

2. Personalized Logos on Your Home Page

When enterprises visit your site, inspire confidence by showcasing logos of companies the same size that are using your product. To further refine this strategy, you can easily create combined segmentation in Mutiny for an especially relevant experience. For example, let’s say you are segmenting by both company size and industry. This would mean if a company like Qualcomm visits your site, they will be shown an Ericsson logo.

DocSend is a company that provides real time sharing, secure access and engagement tracking for business-critical documents.

When enterprises visit docsend.com, they are shown other enterprises using DocSend. This tactic has nearly tripled their enterprise trial rate.

Personalized Logos on Your Home Page

3. Personalized Headlines

One of the easiest places to start when personalizing your site for target accounts is with your headline.

Whether you are identifying your visitor through Salesforce, IP address or behavioral data, the principles for headline personalization are the same.

Your headline should draw attention by making a clear statement about your product. It should also focus on a specific attribute you are personalizing like industry or company name, e.g. “The corporate card made for Snowflake”.

Livestorm was targeting enterprises and crafted a headline, plus sub-copy that talked directly to their audience and clearly stated a benefit.

This simple tactic that takes minutes to execute led to a 205% increase in signups.

This is a short list that hopefully will help you jumpstart your ABM whenever you’re unsure what move to make next. As we see more tactics like this, we’ll keep adding them––and who knows––maybe yours could be included next on this list of simple ABM experiences that get great results.

Mutiny Team

Mutiny Team

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