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Google Optimize is Sunsetting: What Now?

Join Mutiny and Spiralyze in this live session to learn how the most forward-thinking companies are facing the biggest challenges around rolling out a website testing strategy. We'll share proven, tested frameworks that drive real results and conversions, and how to leverage the latest technology with AI-powered personalization.

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About the Speakers

Vice President at Spiralyze

Sophie Buonassisi

Sophie Buonassisi is a growth leader and Vice President at Spiralyze, a predictive conversion rate optimization agency.

Having worked with 100+ B2B companies to improve conversion rates, she strives to empower businesses to drive more revenue with greater efficiency.

Matt Quirie Headshot
Content Lead, Mutiny

Stewart Hillhouse

Stewart Hillhouse is a content marketing leader at Mutiny. His work has been seen by millions of people and featured by TechCrunch, Demand Curve, Mailchimp, and Growth Today. Chances are you’ve read something by Stewart whether you knew it or not. In another life, Stewart was a semi-competitive lumberjack. 

Stewart Hillhouse
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