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Mutiny User Guide

Build your personalization strategy

Ready to harness the power of personalization to increase conversion rates and impact on revenue? Mutiny makes it easy to personalize at scale.

Chapter 1

Build Your Base

Get some quick wins launched in Mutiny, start collecting data to build your audience segments, and start driving results immediately.

Start building your audience base

Chapter 2

Segment By Company Size

Size matters. Learn how to segment your audience by company size so everyone gets an experience personalized to their company.

Start segmenting by size

Chapter 3

Build Buyer Journeys

Let's create personalized buyer journeys so that every visitor is only shown the most relevant information on your pricing and signup pages.

Build buyer journeys

Chapter 4

Segment By Industry Vertical

Selling to multiple industries? Let's personalize your site so buyers see the right value props and social proof to get them to convert.

Segment industry verticals

Chapter 5

Optimize Paid Traffic

Make sure that traffic coming from paid campaigns converts into pipeline.

Optimize your paid traffic

Chapter 6

Build Mobile Buyer Journeys

Discover what opportunities are available to improve the buyer journey for visitors checking your site from a mobile device.

Segment your mobile traffic

Chapter 7

Personalize By Audience Behavior

Now it's time to begin personalizing based on the behavior your buyers take on your site.

Personalize based on behavior

Chapter 8

Target Buyer Personas

Make sure your ideal customer personas are getting a buyer journey that aligns with their expectations (and dreams).

Segment your most valuable buyer personas

Chapter 9

Iterate On Your Experiences

The biggest personalization wins come from iterating on your best performing experiences until they're perfect.

Keep iterating on your wins

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