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Give Target Accounts an Offer They Can't Refuse

Author - Thomas Maremaa
Thomas MaremaaGrowth Marketing Manager
Company - Brex
What you’ll learnWhat you’ll needThe Problem The Hypothesis The Solution
Build a list of target accounts 
Implement a personalized sales outreach program
Arm your SDR team with personalized outbound ABM pages 
Make sure your tech stack plays nicely to save your sales rep and marketing teams’ time
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1:1 ABM personalization made easy

See how ABM teams use Mutiny to engage target accounts at scale.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to build personalized outbound pages
  • How to verticalize your messaging to resonate with target accounts

What you’ll need

  • Defined list of target accounts
  • Sales automation platform (e.g. Outreach or SalesLoft)
  • Rockstar SDR team
  • Outbound web personalization platform that can create one-to-one personalized pages at scale
Article Headline Icon - The Problem

The Problem

Brex was in hypergrowth and had established a huge presence within the tech startup community. However, they were having a difficult time penetrating verticals outside of technology and needed a way to stand out.

Brex had invested heavily in a Sales Development Team, hiring over 100 SDRs in less than two years. And while the SDR team was hitting all of their activity metrics, booked meetings were lagging behind, especially when it came to non-tech companies.

Article Headline Icon -  The Hypothesis

The Hypothesis

The value props SDRs were citing in their emails were leading to high click-through rates and response rates, but prospects were constantly responding that Brex wasn’t the right fit because they perceived Brex was “just geared to tech startups.”

Thomas Maremaa, Brex’s Growth Marketing Manager realized that the assets their SDR team was sending out were too generic and weren’t resonating with their target contacts. Instead, they needed to find creative ways to get personalized content in front of their target accounts. 

Article Headline Icon -  The Solution

The Solution

Build a list of target accounts 

Based on historical data on market penetration and close rates, decide what types of accounts your Sales team should be spending time going after. These should still be within your ICP, but ideally are larger companies that will result in bigger deal sizes. Use contact databases to pull a list of companies in your target industries, geographies and headcounts.

Implement a personalized sales outreach program

People don’t want to be spammed, so make sure they know immediately that your sales rep did their homework and add as much value as you can in the first couple emails so that your prospect will be compelled to learn more.

Arm your SDR team with personalized outbound ABM pages 

Using Mutiny to create one-to-one pages for each account at scale, Thomas armed Brex’s SDRs with a landing page that was personalized to each contact. By using variables, the target contacts’ names and company names were dynamically inserted onto a Brex card on the page.

Brex Airbnb

Make sure your tech stack plays nicely to save your sales rep and marketing teams’ time

Mutiny’s visual editor and integration with Salesforce meant that it was easy for Thomas to pull in all of the prospect’s contact information and company name. If they had decided to build out their pages one by one outside of Mutiny, it would have taken them weeks. In Mutiny, they were able to build out hundreds of pages in under an hour.

This was all even more effective because of Mutiny’s ability to push the URL and a screenshot of the page back into Salesforce. Brex integrates Salesforce with Outreach, their sales automation platform, allowing their SDR team to pull the personalized screenshots and page links directly into their Outreach sequences as variables. 

By showing the prospect that they had put time into personalizing an actual web page for them, they were able to evoke an emotional response, immediately win credibility with the prospect, which drove up reply rates, meetings set and ultimately signups.

The Impact

Brex’s outbound campaign was a huge success. They saw a 60% increase in reply rate on SDR emails. In addition, they increased outbound signups by 3x with a much higher ACV than their average deal.  Not only did this make a big impact to their revenue, but it also allowed them to funnel additional dollars into hiring more SDRs & AEs to continue on their massive success.

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