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The Right Content Offer for Each Persona

Author - Annie Hathway
Annie HathwaySr Manager, Digital Marketing
Company - kyriba
Implement a solution to identify key personas when they visit your website
Find the best fit content for each segment
Build personalized banners for each segment
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What you’ll learn

  • How to identify your audience by a number of different data sources
  • How to use banners to target specific personas

What you’ll need

  • Solid understanding of the different industries, use-cases and personas your company sells into
  • Well-defined solution pages on your website for different industries, use-cases and buying stages
  • A web personalization platform that can create dynamic banners
Article Headline Icon - THE PROBLEM


Kyriba is a liquidity management platform that sells to mid-market and enterprise orgs and has an amazing content management team who are constantly producing great content targeted at different personas and use-cases. 

However, even after promoting their ebooks and whitepapers on social media and through newsletters, they still weren’t getting enough eyeballs on all the content they were putting out and felt there was a lot more they could do to leverage it.

Article Headline Icon - THE HYPOTHESIS


If Kyriba could somehow identify their target personas when they were on the website and find a way to get relevant content in front of them, it would make a significant impact on conversion rates and would help them win late-stage deals.

Article Headline Icon - THE SOLUTION


Implement a solution to identify key personas when they visit your website

Kyriba uses Mutiny’s integration with Clearbit to identify anonymous users based on their industry and persona. They also leverage Mutiny’s behavioral audiences so that users can self-identify their use-case or buying stage. 

For example, they tag any visitor who views pricing, product or case study pages as being in the “evaluation stage”. They also have robust solution pages built out for all of their use-cases (e.g. prevent fraud vs. supply chain finance), so they can easily determine that a visitor is interested in a specific use-case if they visit that particular solution page.

Find the best fit content for each segment

With your core segments defined, find the juiciest piece of content for each use case and write a catchy headline to drive clickthroughs to each piece.

Build personalized banners for each segment

Kyriba uses Mutiny’s conversion platform, which has a no-code visual editor where you can easily build custom banners for different personas, use-cases, industries and more. This allows them to build personalized experiences without having to tap into developer resources and enables them to launch experiences much faster than if they were to build them in their CMS.

For example, they show evaluation stage prospects a banner showing the ROI of Kyriba with a CTA to book a demo. For CFOs, they display a banner talking about how Kyriba could reduce the risk of fraud. For industry, they display a banner showing relevant social proof. And finally, for use-case, they display a value proposition that will resonate with each particular visitor and include the company’s name for an added level of personalization.

Kyriba - persona
Kyriba - evaluation
Kyriba Use case


Kyriba saw significant results from implementing this deep level of personalization and were able to monetize their content to a degree few within the organization thought they could.

They saw a 3-5% clickthrough rate on each banner and 22-30% ebook download from there, leading to huge increases in content leads generated.

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