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Mutiny Platform Tour: Part 1

Identify & target any B2B audience on your website

Say goodbye to your “one size fits none” website. Combine web, CRM, and marketing data to personalize your site for each audience.

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Mutiny integrations
Personalize your website for every target segment


Personalize messaging and proof points for different users and stakeholders like Carta.

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Industry vertical

Personalize headings and customer logos for each target vertical like 6sense.

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Buying stage

Personalize calls to action and matching proof throughout the buying journey like Brex.

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Paid traffic

Personalize landing pages to match the copy of your ad campaigns like Notion.

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Company size

Personalize calls to action, pricing, and social proof for enterprise and self-serve like Livestorm.

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Target accounts

Personalize your entire website and send 1:1 landing pages to your target accounts like Brex.

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Choose from AI suggested segments

Our AI recommends the best audience segments for personalization based on your site’s visitor and conversion trends.

AI segmentation

Build hyper-targeted custom audiences

Choose from over 300 attributes from across your sales & marketing tools. Combine data sourced from website activity, CRM profiles, company IP lookup, ad campaigns, target account lists, and more.

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6sense website personalization

See the impact before you launch

Don't waste your time with tiny tests. Check traffic, conversion rates, and lead volume estimates for every combination of attributes.

Segmentation estimated impact

How does Mutiny identify my website visitors?

We integrate with the tools you already use

Mutiny connects to data sources to identify website visitors.

  • UTM parameters

  • Company IP lookup

  • CRM & marketing automation

  • Website visitors behavior and surveys

Hear from our customers

What makes Mutiny audiences special?

Company - Clickup
I also absolutely LOVE the segmenting options, their integrations with Clearbit, and the mega easy-to-use UI.
Author - Jimmy Flores
Jimmy FloresGrowth Marketing
Company - Carta
We can get really specific about the journeys that we want these audiences to take.
Author - Emily Kramer
Emily KramerChief Marketing Officer
Company - Notion
Being able to test so rapidly has informed our content strategy by better understanding the pain points and use cases that are resonating most with our audience.
Author - Fabien David
Fabien DavidPerformance Marketing Manager
Company - Livestorm
We’ve been able to drive more conversions to exceed our revenue goals for both our self-serve and enterprise.
Author - Benoit Leggieri
Benoit LeggieriGrowth Lead
Company - RStudio
Digital advertising works really well for us now that we’re targeting the right audience with content.
Author - Robert Bethell
Robert BethellHead of Demand Generation
Company - Segment
We can take anything that we know about our customers and incorporate that into their web experience.
Author - Kevin White
Kevin WhiteHead of Growth
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