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Mutiny Platform Tour: Part 3

Prove how conversion drives revenue growth

Show the impact of your conversion programs on leads, target accounts, pipeline, and revenue. Mutiny makes it easy to connect the dots.

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Show how many extra leads you converted

See a summary of your conversion program with metrics like Total Additional Leads, % Personalized Visitors, and Conversion Lift from the last 30 days.

Conversion reporting

Prove personalization impact on pipeline

Connect Salesforce Opportunity data and configure your revenue attribution model. Explore in Mutiny, or export the combined data for further analysis.

Mutiny Revenue Attribution

Compare personalized vs control user behavior

Sync event data into Google Analytics. Easily segment and compare users across control and personalized groups.

Google Analytics integration

Share activity and successes in Slack

Trigger alerts as they happen, and schedule daily or weekly summaries of conversions and your live personalizations.

Keep your sales team in the loop with their accounts engagement and conversions.

Slack notifications sales alerts
Hear from our customers

Delight data scientists and CFOs (not just marketers and prospects)

Company - Notion
My data science colleagues in particular have applauded the speed at which I’ve been able to gain learnings and results.
Author - Fabien David
Fabien DavidPerformance Marketing Manager
Company - Brex
When we have good experiments, the first one to cheer for us is Michael, the CFO of Brex. He's a big Mutiny fan.
Author - Thomas Maremaa
Thomas MaremaaGrowth Marketing Manager
Company - Mode
Sales feels like they're supported and that they're not on an island hunting for prospects.
Author - Jason Alafgani
Jason AlafganiSenior Growth Marketing Manager
Company - Amplitude
By implementing the industry based logo personalization, we've seen a 54% increase from these experiments.
Author - Marcus Akerland
Marcus AkerlandSenior Performance Marketing Manager
Company - Livestorm
We've seen an uplift of 205% in the sign up rate for that experiment. So it's actually huge. I was not expecting that much of a difference.
Author - Thibaut Davoult
Thibaut DavoultHead of Growth
Company - Carta
We've been empowered to understand the audiences coming onto our site.
Author - Emily Kramer
Emily KramerChief Marketing Officer
Mutiny platform tour

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