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Additional distribution channels

Chapter 8 – Additional distribution channels
YOUR MISSIONWHAT YOU'LL LEARNWHAT YOU'LL NEEDDon’t stop at one channelLet’s get to it!
Outbound Channels
Inbound Channels
Building account-level personalized pages
Ad Campaigns
Test, Learn, IterateCongratulations! 🎉
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  • Start distributing your pages via LinkedIn DMs
  • Create account-level personalized pages in Mutiny
  • Start driving ad campaigns to personalized pages
  • Use personalized website experiences to drive traffic to personalized pages


  • How to leverage LinkedIn, ad campaigns, and your website to drive targeted traffic to your personalized pages
  • How to personalized LinkedIn outreach for greater conversion
  • How to create account-level personalized pages with Mutiny
  • How to create a personalized website experience using Mutiny


  • Target account list
  • Account-level personalized pages
  • An eager team of business development reps

Don’t stop at one channel

One thing about ABM is that it’s channel agnostic. Meaning you can use multiple channels to capture the attention of your target accounts and drive them to your personalized pages. 

After all, you’ve put in the work to build personalized experiences for your accounts. It would be a miss to not take advantage of every opportunity to drive traffic to them. 

In this chapter we’ll discuss how you can use LinkedIn, paid campaigns, and your website as new channels to drive targeted traffic to your pages.

Let’s get to it!

Outbound Channels


Your sales team is on LinkedIn every day engaging with buyers, making it the perfect channel to distribute your personalized pages. 

Since you already have your personalized contact-level pages built in Mutiny, you can now work with your BDR team to distribute those via personalized messages to your target contacts. 

Remember, your targets are likely getting prospected by many companies on LinkedIn, so you need to break through the noise.  

As you can see in the example below, it’s important to personalize your outreach and lean into your personalized page as a way to stand out. 

Personalize your outreach

This approach is similar in nature to your email strategy discussion earlier in the ABM manual, so you can use a similar approach to grouping your contacts, gathering qualitative feedback from your SDRs, and iterating your approach in future weeks.

Inbound Channels

Building account-level personalized pages

The next two channels we’ll discuss are purely inbound, meaning you won’t be reaching out directly through your sales steam. That means you’ll need to target accounts with account-level pages instead of individual contacts. 

Luckily, it’s quick and easy to spin up those pages in Mutiny. You’ve already completed 95% of the work when building out your target account list and contact-level pages. Essentially, you just need to pick the most relevant contact-level page for that type of account and swap out variables like “hi first_name” to “company name”.

Ad Campaigns

The most common mistake we see with ABM ad campaigns are that they drive targeted buyers to generic landing pages. Often the standard homepage. 

This is a huge miss. You’re catching the buyer's attention in many cases with a personalized ad, then failing to deliver on the promise of personalization by sending them to a generic homepage. 

Instead, send those accounts to your personalized account-level pages.

One important reminder highlighted below, is that you’ll want to make sure to use UTM parameters in your ads to properly track and attribute traffic to your pages. 

Add UTMs to your page URLs


Your website is likely receiving thousands of visitors each day or week. Increase your chances of converting them by driving them to your personalized pages. 

Follow the link below to learn how you can create personalized experiences on your website using Mutiny Components like Banners, Sidepops, Exit Intent Modals, and more. 

Learn more about types of experiences you can launch

You can use each of these components to direct your website traffic to the personalized page that speaks directly to them. 

Just follow these steps:


What is this?

What you’ll do

Step 1: Create your segment

In the segment creator, you’re able to build a target audience you want to personalize for

In chapter 2, you identified the first segment to outbound. Use the segment’s firmographics to build your audience in the segment creator.

Step 2: Choose an experience

Once you created your segment/audience, our app will ask you what kind of experience to build

We recommend creating a “Banner” or “Side pop” experience.

Step 3: Choose your page

Enter the URL you want to launch your experience on

Personalize your homepage

Step 4: Create your experience

Our app will take you to our editor, where you can build the personalized experience

In your banner or side pop, direct your prospects to their personalized page

Test, Learn, Iterate

Like any good conversion campaign, the key to generating the best results is to consistently be running tests, learning through your feedback flywheel, and iterating on future campaigns.

Congratulations! 🎉

You’ve reached the end of our ABM Playmaker. Congrats! 

Take what you’ve learned from this guide and apply it to building and scaling your own ultra-successful ABM program. 

Here are some additional ABM playbooks to help you along the way:

And be sure to join our ABM channel in the M2 community where you can learn from other talented ABM marketers building their own programs. 

If at any point you need help, please contact your Mutiny CSM or reach out to our support team at support@mutiny.com

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