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Creating an SDR Feedback Flywheel

Chapter 5 – Creating an SDR Feedback Flywheel
Set Up Mutiny’s Slack Integration
Setting up your feedback flywheel 
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  • Setup the Mutiny Slack integration
  • Gather SDR feedback to incorporate insights and problem statements into your campaign
  • Iterate and improve your campaign


  • A Slack admin license (or help from someone who has one)
  • A new public Slack channel for Mutiny alerts
  • A hankering for some good ole’ SDR feedback


  • How to install the Mutiny Slack integration
  • How to hype up your SDR team
  • How to create a feedback loop with SDRs
  • Questions you should be asking your SDRs

What can SDRs tell you?

In the last chapter, you split your target list into three groups, wrote your first campaign email and learned about analyzing metrics. Nice work! 

But email metrics aren’t your only source of campaign feedback. Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are a valuable, often untapped resource for understanding how your campaign is resonating with buyers. They are the ones receiving replies from your target accounts, following up to book meetings, and hearing first-hand on calls how your personalized pages are being received. 

In this chapter, we’re going to set up a feedback flywheel with your SDR team, supported by Mutiny’s Slack integration. 

Let's get to it!

Set Up Mutiny’s Slack Integration

There isn’t an SDR on the planet that prefers a cold lead over a warm one. Warm leads are much more likely to convert by almost tenfold, with higher close rates too.

So, when reps receive notifications from marketing that a prospect has engaged with content, they jump at it. 

That’s why SDRs love the Mutiny Slack integration. It lets you create a Slack channel that automatically alerts SDRs whenever a prospect engages with one of your personalized pages.

slack mutiny creating an sdr

As your campaign starts to get clicks and engagement, your SDRs are immediately notified so they can follow up. When the odds of connecting with a lead drop 80% after 5 minutes, the speed of your follow up can have a major impact. 

Click here for instructions on how to setup your Slack integration 

If you’re looking for a way to hype up your SDR team, you’ve found it. And to really create a frenzy, encourage your reps to drop an emoji on each alert after they convert. This is a great way to get your reps adopting Mutiny, which is always a challenge with new sales tools. 

Setting up your feedback flywheel 

Now that your SDRs are receiving campaign alerts and following up with buyers, it’s time to start gathering that sweet, sweet feedback. 

In the previous chapter, you split your campaign into three emails over a three week period. Once you hit week two, it’s a great time to start connecting with SDRs to see how the campaign is going. 

SDRs will have more qualitative feedback than anyone else on your team. After all, they are the ones talking to buyers. And once they start to see things click, they’ll be eager to give feedback. 

It could be as simple as reviewing calls in Gong, connecting with individual reps on Slack, or booking small group sessions of 3-4 reps to ask for feedback.

Here are some suggested questions you can ask:

  • How do you feel this campaign group is going?

  • Were you able to book any calls? How did they go?

  • Did you receive any positive or negative replies? If yes, can you show me?

  • Did the prospect share any feedback about the email? What’s working vs not?

  • What was their reaction to the personalized page? What resonated?

Duplicate the worksheet below and use it to gather feedback and insights from your SDRs. 

Feedback Flywheel Worksheet

When asking these questions, be open to criticism and new ideas. Positive responses are always great, but this is an exercise to improve your future emails and campaigns so they perform even better. 

Listen for feedback that can help you tweak your messaging, speak to the right challenges and outcomes, and personalize your emails effectively.

What's next?

Now that your feedback flywheel is spinning, let’s hop into the next chapter and look at how you can use what you’ve learned to launch your second cohort. 

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