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Launching Future Segments

Chapter 6 – Launching Future Segments
Leveraging your feedback flywheel 
Rinse and repeat the campaign playbook
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  • Incorporate SDR feedback into your next cadence
  • Copy the ABM Campaign Worksheet to plan future segments
  • Set a consistent cadence for your ABM program


  • Lots of SDR feedback
  • Our ABM Campaign Planning Worksheet


  • How to leverage your feedback flywheel to guide your second segment
  • How to rinse and repeat our ABM playbook for creating your next segment
  • How to build a cadence where you’re constantly launching new segments every week

Build a program, not just a campaign

You’ve already launched your first campaign with Mutiny. Well done! 

Now it’s time to rinse and repeat that process across even more segments. 

Our most successful customers use Mutiny to create a continuous ABM program. They build a cadence where they’re constantly targeting new segments each week.

With this approach, there’s never going to be a week where you’re not sending emails, booking meetings, learning something, and improving your program.

Let's get to it!

Leveraging your feedback flywheel 

In chapter 5, we suggested a number of questions to help you gather feedback from your SDR team. 

Now that the feedback is rolling in, let’s talk about how you can take action on it to improve your campaigns. 

Click here to grab our SDR Question List Template. It includes suggested questions to ask your team and how to use that information to improve various aspects of your campaign, like your subject line, email copy, and personalized page. 

For example, how did they react to your personalized page?

  • Did it resonate? If so, what about the page resonated?

  • If not, what missed the mark that we can change for future segments?

  • Did the pain we highlighted miss the mark? 

  • If not, did they share what actual pain was motivating them or how to better describe it?

Another example could be that they replied to the email, but didn’t book a meeting. 

  • Could it be that our CTA wasn’t clear or compelling?

  • Did the messaging resonate, but timing just wasn’t right? 

  • Did we reach the wrong person?

The ultimate goal of this feedback loop is to create a list of potential changes to your next segment and/or things to A/B test and validate. 

Rinse and repeat the campaign playbook

In the beginning of this manual we walked through our playbook for creating your first ABM campaign targeted at your first segment. 

We’re now going to use that same playbook for your next segment, and future segments that follow. 

We created this handy ABM Campaign Planning Worksheet you can use to plan your future segments and scale your ABM program.

Here’s a quick recap of the steps we covered in the first five chapters of this manual.

ABM Manual - Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1 - Building your target list

  • Interview AEs to align on account & contact selection

  • Cross-reference sales insight with customer data in your CRM

  • Determine what makes a top tier account at your company

  • Luckily, that work is already done ✅

Chapter 2 - Identifying your target segment

  • Look on your website for existing segmented pages

  • Choose your base page and associated target segment

  • Review your base page to find potential areas to personalize

  • Gather data you’ll need to personalize your email and page

  • Click here to get the Gathering Personalized Content Worksheet

Chapter 3 - Creating your landing page

  • Use our CSV template to gather and format your segment data

  • Upload your CSV and create your page in Mutiny

Chapter 4 - Running an effective A/B test

  • Tips for writing high-converting email copy

  • instructions on how to setup your A/B test

  • Click here for the A/B Testing Worksheet

Chapter 5 - Creating an SDR feedback flywheel

  • How to tap into your SDRs to improve your campaigns

  • Suggested questions to ask and what you can learn from them

what's next?

Now that you’ve built an ABM campaign engine that’s repeatable and constantly improving, let’s jump to the next chapter to learn about program reporting.

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