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Chapter 7 – Program Reporting
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Grab our dashboard template
How to use this dashboard
Here’s a real example 
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  • Copy our ABM Dashboard Template
  • Build your own ABM Reporting Dashboard


  • Your own copy of the ABM Dashboard Template
  • Data from your ABM campaigns
  • Your storytelling hat on


  • How to create a dashboard for presenting your most important ABM metrics
  • How to use your dashboard to tell stories around your data
  • How effective program reporting can help propel your career

Why measuring impact matters

Many ABM programs fizzle out because people forget to measure the success and impact of their campaigns. It’s also an important career skill to be able to share your learnings with your leadership. 

Being able to tell a data-driven story around how your program is performing will help you get more budget, headcount, and set you up for a promotion as your company grows.

“I run our ABM program and it generates X deals and pipeline for AEs every week”

Not only is it a way to prove that your campaigns are working and driving revenue, but it’s also a critical step towards improving your program in the long run. 

This chapter is all about reporting for your ABM campaigns. How to build a dashboard you can use to measure the success of your program and tell better stories around your data. 

Let's get to it!

Grab our dashboard template

We created a simple template you can use to create your own ABM Reporting Dashboard. 

We’ve found that building this in a spreadsheet gives you more control over your numbers and where they come from. You get more familiar with your data, so when you walk into an executive meeting, you know your numbers inside and out. 

Click here to access the template and make your own copy.

dashboard chapter 7

This dashboard consists of three components:

  • WoW Meetings Booked [Graph] - Shows the number of meetings booked and conversion rates from each weekly campaign. Use this to tell stories around your campaigns and spot high-level themes. 

  • Campaign Metrics [Graph] - Shows more granular leading campaign metrics like email opens, page views, and replies. Use this to dig deeper and uncover tactical learnings from each campaign. 

  • Data Table - Use this table to capture each week’s campaign data, including leading metrics, lagging metrics, and conversion rates. 

How to use this dashboard

An effective ABM dashboard should allow you to do two things:

1. Zoom out and tell stories

You want the ability to analyze your campaign data at a high level, looking at your most important impact metric — booked meetings. This makes it easier to spot high-level trends and themes across your campaigns.

wow meetings booked

For example, using the graph above from our Dashboard Template you can quickly see which weeks had the best and worst conversion rates. 

Knowing what segments and A/B tests you ran those weeks, you can start to gather insights around what segments you should be focusing on. You might also notice a segment you thought would perform well, but didn’t, and want to dig deeper to understand what went wrong. 

2. Zoom in to analyze week-over-week performance

You also want the ability to dig deeper into more granular weekly metrics to understand the reason behind each week’s performance. This helps you spot more tactical things you can change in future campaigns. 

campaign metrics

For example, you may notice that one week has an extremely high email open rate, but booked very few meetings. 

Without the ability to drill down into the leading metrics you never would have found one of your best performing subject lines. In this case, it must be the messaging or call-to-action in your email that isn’t resonating with your target buyer. 

This is an opportunity to chat with your sales and CS teams to better understand this persona and what messaging might resonate better.

Here’s a real example 

Take it from Grace Kleaveland, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy and Growth Marketing at 6Sense. By following this playbook and focusing on measuring her success every step of the way, she was able to prove how her campaigns were impacting revenue.

Grace’s first test (verticals segmentation) delivered a 442% increase in meetings booked. Her next experiment (company size) performed just as well. Her SMB and enterprise campaigns generated more than $13.5 million in sourced revenue and closed more than $2.5 million.

What’s most impressive is that she did it—more or less—alone.

As a team of one, Grace was able to build and prove the impact of her ABM program to leadership — and has since been promoted because of it 🙂

Click here to learn more about Grace’s story


You are killing it! Now that you've run your first campaign end-to-end, let's dig into distribution channels. This is where you maximize your reach and make sure your target accounts see the beautiful microsites you've built for them.

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