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The Raccoon Round Up: September 2022

Mutiny Team
Posted by Mutiny Team|Published on September 12, 2022
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Welcome to the inaugural Raccoon Round Up! Your monthly summary of all the Mutiny product releases that recently went live. Everything you’ll see today is currently available in Mutiny.  

Let’s get started.

Building Audiences

A core part of any successful Mutiny experience or campaign is identifying, segmenting, and understanding the audiences you’re looking to reach. Check out what we recently added, especially for our Outbound users.

People, Companies, Lists

For Account-Based Marketing lovers, we know how important it is to have a full view and understanding of the interactions and overall experience you’re creating for your target accounts. With that in mind, we’ve introduced a new section of the Mutiny Dashboard called: Audiences, which includes sections for People, Companies, and Lists.

Audiences allows you to see your target accounts at both the Company and People level and build new lists natively in Mutiny (And you use those lists to create new Outbound campaigns!). Your Audience data gets synced from a CSV or Salesforce.

For more People Companies, Lists information, click here!

Launch Advanced Experiences

We’re always rolling out new functionality to help you launch better experiences, faster. Check them out below.

Custom JS 

Have a grander vision of personalizations and visual enhancements you’d like to make for your experiences? Mutiny users can now apply custom JavaScript to any experience through the Code feature.


Ever made a change in the Visual Editor and accidentally deleted some edits you really wish you didn’t? No biggie! The Visual Editor now has an Undo/Redo button, top right corner.

Measure Results

If you launch an experience but can’t show measurable results, did you ever really launch anything? Your Mutiny team doesn’t want you living in existential crisis mode, especially nowadays. We’re going hard in the paint to make sure you have data at the experience level, pipeline, and revenue level to show the value your Mutiny programs drive.

Revenue Dashboard

Calling all Salesforce users! You now have the ability to log into your Mutiny account and see the key revenue-generation metrics your leadership cares about most: pipeline and revenue.

The new Revenue Dashboard uses your Salesforce data to surface Mutiny-influenced metrics like: Revenue impacted, pipeline impacted, recent deals impacted, largest deals impacted, average deal cycle, additional new leads, and a detailed view of all the opportunities impacted by Mutiny. 

Revenue Dashboard CSV

As an added bonus, you can also export your Revenue Attribution data and manipulate it or upload it to the other tools you use to analyze your marketing success.

Learn more about the Revenue Dashboard here

Then keep on iterating

Who says the party has to stop after you’ve launched your experience? We’re coming at you with new functionality to help you make the most of your personalization strategy and reach maximum results.

Maintenance Recommendations

Who doesn’t love getting data-backed guidance on ways you can keep your personalization strategy in tip top condition? New Maintenance Recommendations proactively let Mutiny users know about segments and pages that might benefit from a quick update, are ready to be promoted, or those that have seen better days and should be archived.

Click here to learn more about Maintenance Recommendations.

One more thing

On top of delivering new features and value, the Mutiny product and engineering teams have also been putting in the hours to ensure that all of the existing functionality–from the platform to the Visual Editor perform at the best levels so your experience as a Mutiny user continues to be top notch and delightful.

What’d you think of our first Raccoon Round Up? Let us know!

Mutiny Team

Mutiny Team

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