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Plastics Playbook: How To Get A Seat At The Revenue Table in 2024

Ryan Narod
Posted by Ryan Narod|Published on November 29, 2023
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Welcome to B2B class of 2024! It’s a jungle out there right now, but by following The Plastics Playbook you’ll learn how to become marketing royalty and earn a seat at the revenue table.

The revenue team holds all the decision-making power. It's where your company's CRO, CFO, and COO sit. Unfortunately, marketers aren’t always invited to sit with them.

But stick with us, and we'll share how you can earn your seat at the revenue table and be crowned “Marketer Of The Year” at your next GTM kickoff!

To get started, here's the lay of the land:

So are you ready to hit your 2024 goals? You need to follow the three steps in The Plastics Playbook: 

The Plastics Playbook header
  1. You Can Sit With Us: The Marketing Dashboard That Got Me A Seat At The Revenue Table

  2. Put It In The Burn Book: Marketing Channels To Re-Think in 2024

  3. I’m Not A Regular Marketer, I’m An AI Marketer: AI Workflows You’ll Actually Use

Grool? Alright, here’s what you can expect from each of the steps of The Plastics Playbook:

You Can Sit With Us: The Marketing Dashboard That Got Me A Seat At The Revenue Table

You can sit with us at the revenue table

What does it mean to sit at the revenue table? It means you have command and control over how your marketing channels can influence the bottom line.

But hitting your goals isn't the only thing that earns you a seat at the table. You also need to be able to prove it to your CRO, CFO, and COO.

That's why we're putting on a special session to show you how to create a marketing dashboard that connects your marketing efforts directly to revenue.

Earn a seat at the revenue table

Join us on Wednesday, December 6 at 12PM ET / 9AM PT for The Marketing Dashboard That Got Me A Seat At The Revenue Table. 

This session will show you how your marketing dashboard is the key to connecting your work directly to bottom-line revenue. The result? The attention of your CRO and CFO, and a seat at the revenue table.

Hosted by Ryan Narod (Head of Marketing at Mutiny) and Ben Davis (Head of Revenue & Operations at Coefficient), in this session you'll learn:

  • Just in time for annual planning: How should marketers think about setting goals and why dashboards are important. Operations are your friends!

  • Accountability that sticks: Rituals to get people to care - breaking down the human psychology of reporting and alignment.

  • How to get your team to care: Hit your targets quarter after quarter. Walk-through some incentive structures for marketing teams to reinforce accountability.

You'll also get to see how they use their dashboards to demonstrate their value, and get your own templates to take home. We've spent hundreds of hours building the ideal dashboards—and now they're yours for free.

Register for the session and you’ll also get access to get all the templates, just in time for planning season! The session will be available on-demand for those who register.

Imagine how much influence you’ll have once you have a seat at the revenue table! The limit does not exist!

Put It In The Burn Book: Marketing Channels to Re-Think in 2024

Burn book

Did you invest in any marketing programs in 2023 that didn't end up paying off? Don't worry, we all have. But now it’s your turn to put it in the burn book.

What's the burn book? It's where we share the good, the bad, and the ugly of running a high-performing marketing team. As much as we wish it was true, not everything we touch turns to gold. For example, raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by an expensive conference booth.

We'll be sharing the top burns from marketers and how they're going to be adjusting their marketing plans in 2024.

Go ahead… put it in the burn book. It’ll make you feel better.

I’m Not A Regular Marketer; I'm An AI Marketer

AI Marketer plastics playbook

AI certainly took us all by storm in 2023, and it's not looking like it's slowing down anytime soon. That means 2024 is the time to get serious about becoming an AI marketer (and we’re not talking just a few cute chat GPT prompts). We mean that we all need to up-level our skills and be comfortable using AI in all of our workflows. 

We will share over a dozen AI workflows that will help you across all marketing tasks; from content to paid, website optimization to outbound.

Don't be a regular marketer. Be a cool AI marketer (our careers might depend on it).

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On behalf of The Plastics at Mutiny, you go Glen Coco!

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