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Mutiny Playmaker: New Phone, Who Dis? [Chapter 6]

Molly Bruckman
Posted by Molly Bruckman|Published on June 06, 2023
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Before getting started: The stuff covered in this chapter builds on what you built in previous chapters (we recommend starting there if you haven't done it already).

🕵️ Your Mission

  • Discover mobile journey opportunities

  • Launch a banner on mobile to drive more conversions

  • Launch a mobile optimized page

  • Launch a sidepop to drive conversion for desktop visitors

💡 What you’ll learn

✅ How to optimize your mobile pages for conversion

✅ What the user journey looks like on different device types and how to meet visitor needs

🎒 What you’ll need

✅ Comfort with killing your darlings - simplification is the name of the game!

✅ A mobile phone to review your mobile site

✅ A need for leads

Why this segment?

Making your site responsive is not enough to “optimize for mobile”. Visitors on their phone are often on the go and you have a much tighter time window to convert them.

Your goal is to simplify the content and succinctly communicate the value of your product.

Mutiny customers see an average increase in pipeline of +35% when personalizing for mobile visitors.

Let’s get to it!

First things first - let’s take a look at what mobile traffic is doing on your site. Go to the Data Explorer, select “Device Type” as the attribute, and click on the arrow next to “mobile” to break down your mobile traffic by the pages they visit. Find the pages where you have the most traffic and add them to your plan.

From your plan, you can click the “Launch” button to automatically create the segment.

Now, for the experiences.

Add a sticky CTA

Have you ever been on a website on your phone and had to scroll alllll the way up or alllll the way down to find a button? Well, let’s make it easier for your mobile visitors.

Create a banner experience for mobile traffic to add a sticky CTA.

Screenshot of a banner on Notion's website

Your CTA should be suitable for where the visitor is on your site and in their journey. If they’re on a top of funnel blog page, it might not be the right time to ask for a demo. Keep them moving in the right direction and offer another content piece instead. If they’re on a product page or bottom of funnel asset, then it may be appropriate to ask for a demo or a free account signup. Align your sticky CTA with existing page CTAs for consistency.

🔥 Hot tip: Test before launching

Use the toggle at the top of the editor to view the experience at a mobile breakpoint.

Delete unnecessary page content

Next, let’s create a personalized page experience. Create a personalized page for your most visited page on mobile.

Mobile users are more likely to scan a page than read it in its entirety. Delete as much irrelevant content as necessary and strip the page down to essentials.

We've done this with our homepage so that the logo bar appears above the fold and the formatting works better on a small screen.

Mutiny homepage mobile optimization

Shorten your headlines to as few words as possible, no more than 2 lines. Use action-oriented language to encourage visitors to take action.

If you can, replace paragraphs of text with bullet points. Make it easy for visitors to find and absorb the information they are looking for.

🔥 Hot tip: Be your own visitor

Pull out your phone and take yourself through the journey on your mobile site. Look out for some optimization opportunities:

  • Form below the fold

  • Too many CTAs that make it unclear what to do

  • Headlines don’t match what prompted them to go to that page

  • Too many words/paragraphs not easy to quickly absorb

…& 1 for desktop

Finally, let’s share the love with desktop visitors. Generally, those on desktop are much more likely to convert so let’s give them a little nudge. Create a sidepop for desktop visitors and drive them towards your signup pages.

Screenshot of a website sidepop

What’s next?

We will let these bad boys collect some data and check back in on how they are doing in the next few weeks. In the meantime, let’s build some behavioral audiences.

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman is Head of Growth Marketing. She loves helping Mutiny customers achieve their wildest career ambitions by delivering conversions and revenue to their teams.

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