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It’s time to say goodbye to legacy A/B testing

Andy Schumeister
Posted by Andy Schumeister|Published on April 27, 2023
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In 2010, marketers were told that A/B testing was the answer to their website conversion problems. Fast forward to today: $19 out of every $20 spent on customer acquisition is still wasted because buyers don’t get a relevant buying experience and leave.

Legacy A/B testing tools have failed to keep up with the needs of modern marketers and deliver on their promise of driving efficient growth at scale—especially when it comes to AI.

At a time when efficiency is more important than ever, marketers need more than just a better A/B testing tool. They need a unified conversion platform that brings together personalization and A/B testing and makes their lives 10x easier by automating manual steps with AI. Real AI, not “check-the-box” AI.

We’re excited to announce that starting today, our AI conversion platform includes advanced A/B testing, giving modern marketers a one-stop shop for driving conversion with higher velocity and fewer resources.

In 2023, it’s time to say goodbye to legacy A/B testing.

Mutiny is the AI conversion platform for modern marketers

Using one tool for A/B testing and another tool for personalization means double the budget and double the time and resources required to learn distinct technologies. But that’s only half the problem. With siloed data, it’s impossible to fully harness the power of AI to create personalized experiences, increase conversions, and ultimately drive efficient growth at scale.

Mutiny’s AI conversion platform already automates the tedious process of ideation, content creation, and experimentation for your personalization efforts. We do this by plugging into your company's data and website to identify who you should target, where you should target them, and what you should say. Now, you can use the same AI technology to uplevel your A/B testing efforts. Here’s what Mutiny’s AI unlocks for A/B testing:

  • Spend less time planning and more time experimenting: Our AI is trained on over 500,000 web pages and knows where small changes can have an outsized impact on your revenue. Mutiny will proactively identify where you should be A/B testing (and, of course, what you should test).

  • Iterate faster and get more out of your A/B tests: Mutiny also identifies important attributes for ~70% of visitors and then uses AI to surface which ones to focus on to maximize revenue. After your A/B test is complete, Mutiny can identify high-performing segments within your A/B test results that you can use to further personalize in order to drive more conversions.

  • Stop paying for two tools: Consolidate with Mutiny for personalization and A/B testing. This reduces your team’s overhead and gives you a centralized place for your entire team to drive pipeline—from paid to ABM to CRO.

Whether you’re running A/B tests, personalization, or ABM campaigns, our AI continuously learns what will have the biggest impact on your conversions.

Get started with Mutiny's A/B testing

With the addition of advanced A/B testing functionality, you can use Mutiny to conduct sophisticated A/B tests and personalization across your funnel, measure the impact, and scale successful strategies across your entire website—all within one platform that’s powered by AI. Here’s a deeper look at the new functionality.

Optimize your content with AI

Optimize your content for any audience or goal with our built-in AI chatbot that goes beyond generic copy recommendations. Just let Mutiny’s AI chatbot know what you want to test (e.g., a sub-headline for enterprises that focuses on the value of time savings), and we’ll generate high-converting copy for your experiment. Best of all, you can iterate with our AI chatbot to craft the perfect message.

AI chatbot to optimize your A/B tests.

Test everything with element-level controls

Effective A/B testing means not just altering existing elements on a page, but also adding new elements, reordering page layouts, and even changing the underlying code.

Mutiny A/B testing element-level controls

With Mutiny, you can now customize even more on your pages, including:

  • New elements and component testing: Add new elements to your pages to test things like social proof, secondary CTAs, and recommended content. You can even run A/B tests on Mutiny components like banners, side-pops, and surveys.

  • Reordering elements: Easily change the layout of your page by moving existing elements like CTAs, logo bars, and product tours.

  • Custom JavaScript: Execute custom JavaScript for advanced use cases, like adding forms from your marketing automation platform, tracking events, and sending information to your CRM.

Fine-tune your experiments with flexible traffic allocation and targeting

We’ve added features to help you run advanced experiments for each of your key market segments. With Mutiny’s A/B testing, you have granular controls for:

  • Traffic allocation: You can evenly distribute an equal amount of traffic across all variations, manually allocate traffic, or let Mutiny’s AI adjust weightings for you to optimize for the best-performing variation.

A/B testing manual traffic allocation
  • Advanced segmentation: Use a combination of AND/OR statements for more granular targeting. This also helps ensure clean segmentation so you can avoid audience overlap.

Advanced segmentation for A/B testing.

Iterate faster with robust analytics

We’ve added deeper analytics to help you confidently measure the impact of your experiments and make informed decisions on how to optimize your personalized experiences. Mutiny’s advanced analytics includes:

  • Engagement metrics: Understand which variations are driving the most engagement across your pages, including conversion rate, bounce rate, repeat visitors, and more.

Engagement metrics
  • Secondary goals: For B2B companies, there are often multiple important conversion metrics to consider. With secondary goals, you can see how tests affect multiple conversion metrics at once, giving you the full picture on what variations to promote.

Secondary goals
  • Analytics explorer: Drill down into your experiment results to view how they performed across each of your different segments. These insights make it easy for you to run broad experiments, gather insights, and implement them across your personalized campaigns in Mutiny.

Analytics explorer

We’re just getting started

Our mission is to enable modern marketers to drive revenue as efficiently as possible. To do that, we're taking on the fragmented martech landscape, piece by piece. By building the best features from the world of martech into a single, AI-powered conversion platform, we're paving the way for a new era of marketing efficiency. In a world where every dollar and every decision counts, now is the time for a unified, data-driven approach to B2B marketing.

If you’re already using Mutiny, log in and create your first A/B test today. New to Mutiny? Request a demo to see Mutiny on your site.

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