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Inside Snowflake's Account-Based Marketing Tech Stack

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on April 18, 2024
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As we both know, the buyer's path is often unpredictable.

One buyer might become aware of your company by seeing a LinkedIn post. Then go check out a few pages of your website. Then stop at your booth at a conference. Then talk to their peers to learn more about your product.

While another buyer will click on an ad and immediately book a demo.

That's also why more companies are pairing their inbound demand generation program with an account-based marketing (ABM) program — so they can fish with a net (inbound) and a spear (ABM) at the same time.

In this post, we'll take a look at how Snowflake's account-based marketing tech stack allows them to pair outbound and inbound experiences to create a comprehensive GTM strategy.

The 4 Layers Of Snowflake's ABM Tech Stack

Snowflake's ABM tech stack consists of four layers: intelligence layer, activation layer, engagement layer, and optimization layer. Let's take a look at each.

ABM tech stack at Snowflake

Intelligence Layer

This is where 1st and 3rd-party data sources are brought together to paint a picture of who, where, and when people are interacting with Snowflake's properties.

This data is fed into Snowflake, where they create their own lead scoring and intent algorithms. They prefer to create their own lead scoring criteria as it gives them total control over the buyer journey, and doesn't make them reliant on an outside vendor.

Intelligence tech stack includes:

  • Snowflake

  • Bombora

Activation Layer

The activation layer is where the data from the intelligence layer is turned into ABM experiences for each prospect.

By knowing which accounts are actively looking on Snowflake's website or researching related products, the activation layer allows the ABM team to deliver relevant messaging and CTAs to the right people while their intent and interest is highest.

Snowflake ABM Personalization

For example, Snowflake can trigger ads that get shown to their target accounts, which link to personalized ABM microsites that speak directly to the use cases of that account.

Activation tech stack includes:

  • Mutiny

  • Rollworks

  • LinkedIn

Engagement Layer

These are the channels by which Snowflake delivers the activations. Snowflake has integrated their ABM program closely with the sales team, so they're able to activate both their SDR team (outbound) and their web team (inbound).

Engagement tech stack includes:

  • Outreach

  • Reachdesk

  • LinkedIn

Optimization Layer

This layer is used to analyze all the performance data and make recommendations for future adjustments.

Snowflake is constantly looking to improve their programs as they push into new markets. This layer helps them see what's working and what's not.

These insights are then compiled and brought into regular meetings between the ABMer, the AE, and the SDRs for a collaborative conversation. Check out their template for those bi-weekly meetings here.

Optimization tech stack includes:

  • Snowflake

  • Rollworks

  • Tableau

  • LinkedIn

See How Snowflake Structures Their World-Class ABM Program

Having the right tech stack is one of the puzzle pieces for driving GTM success — you also need the right people to execute on the strategy.

See how Snowflake structures their ABM program and learn more about what each team is responsible for.

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