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How to test new product offerings using your website

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on January 10, 2023
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To conserve cash, companies will look to consolidate their tech stacks and trim under-utilized tools. To avoid your customers churning, your pricing, packaging, and product all need to work together to show value to new and existing customers.

But how can you quickly gather real-time, qualitative data to validate your new ideas without spending time and resources building something new?

By pre-selling it through your website.

This post builds on the ideas covered in Win The Pivot, a special session to help you pivot your GTM strategy quickly and effectively using your website – see how.

Step 1 – Uncover the most valuable pain-points

Trigger a side-pop on your website homepage that asks visitors: “What’s most important to you?” Show 4 multiple choice selections based on insights your CS and product team has collected. This data will help focus your team on features that matter based on market demand.

Pro tip: Don’t define the solution. Instead ask users to select the pain-point.

Sidepop on a website asking the visitor a question

Step 2 – Build an ABM and expansion campaign

If you’ve got your survey tool connected to your CRM, then you’ll be able to see the accounts and contacts who replied. Use that list to begin an ABM campaign to nurture target accounts. Invite this group to form a Beta User group.

If the respondent is an existing customer, work with them to make a business case for expanding their current plan to include the new features. This intel will help inform the GTM strategy one the new pricing goes live.

Getting real customers part of the building process is a great way to get them excited about a product long before it's in production. They'll become internal advocates and act as a wedge into closing your first customers once the product goes live.

Step 3 – Refine your messaging as you get close to launch

Before the product is ready to be launched publicly, create a landing page featuring the new offer. Begin sending traffic to it and use Mutiny to run A/B tests of your messaging. Use "join the waitlist" as the conversion point.

6sense used this strategy to break into new verticals, test their messaging, and book hundreds of meetings with new prospects before the campaign even went live.

If you don't have enough traffic on that page to reach statistical significance, you should still be able to see directionally what messaging is converting better. Further refine your messaging on high-traffic pages.

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