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What is The Second Lever? Everything you need to know

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on July 05, 2022
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The Second Lever is a one-day special event specially designed to teach B2B software companies how to achieve profitable growth so they can survive and thrive even during a market downturn. 

The Second Lever takes place on July 13th, 2022 and reveals the secret sauce behind the fastest growing companies — conversion.

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Second Lever Agenda

See the full Second Lever agenda

What does the Second Lever mean?

The biggest challenge marketers face is the disconnect between marketing activities and revenue. We spend 90% of our effort pulling the first lever – driving “top-of-funnel” interest through advertising, content or media. But we have little technology or know-how for converting that demand into revenue.

We call this second part of the funnel “conversion.” And it's this second lever that's the secret behind the most resilient companies.

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What is demand?

Demand is the act of generating awareness and interest in a relevant target audience to buy your product. The most common method for generating demand is through paid advertisements. 

The problem is that after a while, the effectiveness of demand programs falls off and the amount of revenue generated from these activities begins to plateau. This is a really big problem for growing companies because it means that they need to spend an increasing amount in order to acquire a new customer. 


In a market downturn (when capital is expensive and rare), marketing budgets are one of the first to get cut. Less budget means less to spend on demand, which leads to fewer customers and less revenue. This creates a negative feedback loop for companies needing to hit growth targets.

Unfortunately, many marketers only rely on demand plus some luck to hit their revenue goals. They only have one growth lever to pull.


In order to predictably increase revenue, you need to consider the second growth lever: conversion. 

What is conversion?

Conversion is the second lever of the growth equation. Conversion turns your existing demand into revenue without the need for spending any additional budget on marketing programs. 


Companies like Airbnb, Square, and Uber have been able to get as big as they are because they've invested in their conversion programs to turn their demand into revenue. These programs don't require any extra capital to be invested into generating demand. Instead, they convert more of the existing traffic into customers. 


As shown in the graphic below, when you apply both the first lever (demand) and the second lever (conversion), the amount of revenue you can generate is over 2x higher than through demand programs alone. 


Thousands of B2B marketers have already signed up to attend The Second Lever to learn exactly how the fastest growing companies are using conversion to hit their revenue goals, despite the market conditions. Learn directly from Ramp, Snowflake, Salesforce, Box, 6sense, and more. 

Who is speaking at The Second Lever?

The Second Lever takes place on Wednesday July 13th from 12-3PM PT.

Second Lever Agenda (1)

Attend The Second Lever

Here are the abstracts and what you'll take away from each of the sessions at The Second Lever:

The New Growth Landscape: What you need to know moving forward

Presented by: Bogomil Balkansky, Partner at Sequoia Capital

Bogomil shares the advice that he and Sequoia have been sharing with their portfolio companies to ensure they survive and thrive in this new environment.

What you'll walk away with:

• How Sequoia’s most successful portfolio companies have adapted to poor market conditions in the past. • Lessons from past market downturns to help you navigate this one best.

The Second Lever: How to achieve profitable growth even during a recession

Presented by: Jaleh Rezaei, CEO and Co-founder at Mutiny

Jaleh shares how marketing is at a major reset moment and how unlocking the conversion lever can help you drive efficient, predictable revenue faster than you’ve ever done before.

What you'll walk away with:

• Your company will grow a lot bigger and faster if you invest in both growth levers: demand and conversion. • Conversion is the big growth unlock pioneered by B2C companies like Airbnb, Square, and Uber. She shares the playbook B2B companies can follow.

CMO Panel: The profitable growth strategy every marketer needs to understand

Moderated by: Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr

Panelists: Sarah Franklin, CMO at Salesforce, Chris Koehler, CMO at Box, and Sara Varni, CMP at Attentive.

What you'll walk away with:

• How market conditions influence the budget and strategy of top CMOs. • CMO perspective on what marketing programs to stop, start, or continue.

Conversion Secrets Live

Growth specialists share the ins and outs of a conversion playbook they used that delivered revenue to their companies. 


Yash Godiwala, Growth Innovation at Ramp, goes step-by-step through the three phases that he took to improve Ramp’s paid campaigns with personalized landing pages across all their customers segments and personas.


Hillary Carpio, Director of Account Based Marketing at Snowflake, shares her experience working at one of the fastest scaling companies ever and how she created an efficient ABM program to directly impact and influence Snowflake’s ever-growing revenue goals.


Grace Kleaveland Kupczak, Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing Manager at 6sense, uncovers how personalizing their website for all their existing inbound traffic allowed her team to not only hit their growth targets, but also reduce the amount they needed to spend on ads.

Interactive Conversion Workshops

Attend breakout sessions hosted by subject matter experts to go deep on a specific conversion tactic. 

30 under 30: How to create 30 personalizations in less than a month

Hosted by Jimmy Flores, Growth Strategist at Mutiny. Follow Jimmy's step-by-step framework to launch 30 conversion focused personalizations on your website to double your conversion rates in less than a month. 

2x Revenue with Tried & Tested Growth Marketing Principles

Hosted by Eric Siu, CEO and Founder of Single Grain. Eric shares fundamental marketing strategies that have worked for 100+ years, followed by a live, interactive Q&A.

Create Personalized Experiences That Truly Resonate With Your ICP

Hosted by Emma Travis, Director of Research at Speero. Speero’s expert strategy team will illustrate how to go beyond generic conversion rate optimization tactics by shifting focus onto understanding your ideal customers, their triggers, motivations and FUDs (fears, uncertainties and doubts) in order to create personalized experiences that truly resonate. We’ll cover our ICP (ideal customer process) research process, showcase examples of it in practice, and provide you with a data point framework to help you start planning your own ICP research.

Follow the data, not the crowds

Hosted by Sophie D'Souza, VP of Optimization at Spiralize. Get equipped with tools to leverage data at the core of your experimentation and personalization programs. There are trends, best practices, competitors, and many optimization hypotheses you may hear of and see - but what is the data actually saying? Develop knowledge of benchmarking data on what is performing well.

Stronger Together: The Puzzle Pieces to a Strong GTM Process

Hosted by Craig Handy, Head of Revenue Automation, Tooling, & Enablement at Shopify, and Arthur Castillo, Field Marketing & Community @ Chili Piper. In a downturn we cannot butcher up our GTM process without incurring downstream effects and overall impacts. So how do you retain balance and introduce new concepts that add to the whole? Tune in to this session featuring Craig and Arthur to discuss how the sum of your GTM parts can come together to form something much stronger in this economic downturn.

And more workshops to be announced! See you on July 13th

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