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The Second Lever: Full recordings from Salesforce, Ramp, Snowflake, and more

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on July 14, 2022
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The Second Lever brought together CMOs, VCs, and growth leaders to share how they're shifting their marketing efforts given the new profitable growth landscape.

Q2 2022 marked the end of the "growth at all costs" era of company building. The following sessions from The Second Lever revealed the secret sauce behind the fastest growing and most resilient companies — conversion.

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Growth at all costs is over. Now what do we do?

Bogomil Balkansky, Partner at Sequoia Capital, and Jaleh Rezaei, CEO and Cofounder at Mutiny, kicked off the day by setting the context of the growth landscape in July 2022.

Speakers:  Jaleh Rezaei – CEO and Cofounder at Mutiny Bogomil Balkansky – Partner at Sequoia Capital 

CMO Panel: Salesforce, Attentive, and Box share how they've adjusted their marketing

The CMO Panel session featured rare appearances by three highly respected CMOs with track records to backup their insights. 

Moderator and Founder of SaaStrJason Lemkin, came right out of the gate to say: "This is the most interesting panel I've seen in my 10 years doing these, not only because of the caliber of speakers, but because they're perfect group to speak about this unique moment in time."

Panelists:  Sarah Franklin – CMO at Salesforce Chris Koehler – CMO at Box Sara Varni – CMO at Attentive, previously CMO at Twilio

Conversion Secret: How Ramp increased sitewide conversions by 96%

Ramp is one of the top 5 fastest growing SaaS companies of all time. How have they been able to move so quickly? By focusing on high impact activities that tie directly to revenue. 

In this Conversion Secret, Yash Godiwala shares three tactics that he and his team have used to increase the conversion rate across their entire site.

Speaker: Yash Godiwala – Growth Innovation at Ramp 

Conversion Secret: How Snowflake runs ABM at scale

As Snowflake's product has grown, so too have the number of industry verticals they now serve. Keeping their messaging consistent across all account based marketing (ABM) motions requires a lot of technology and planning but the result is well worth it: Snowflake has been able to double their revenue year-over-year.

Hillary shares a step-by-step walkthrough of her personalization tactics that lead to a 24% conversion lift.

Speaker: Hillary Carpio – Director of Account Based Marketing at Snowflake

Conversion Secret: How 6sense sourced $20M in pipeline through their website

What would you do if you were tasked with doubling your company's revenue next year? Find out how 6sense did it after seeing that simply doubling their ad spend wasn't going to get them the results they needed.

Speaker: Grace Kleaveland Kupczak – Digital Strategy & Growth Marketing at 6sense

Takeaways from The Second Lever

Read the top takeaways that attendees and partners have put together from The Second Lever:

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