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Marketing+126% lift in enterprise demos

Book 2x More Enterprise Meetings with Homepage Personalization

Author - Charlotte Clutson
Charlotte ClutsonPerformance Marketing Manager
Company - Clearbit
Understand your existing traffic
Create tailored messaging for enterprise visitors
Make existing spend twice as efficient
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  • How to discover hidden gems in your existing traffic
  • How to personalize a homepage for enterprise buyers
  • How to expand into enterprise segments and book meetings with key decision makers


  • A reverse IP lookup service to de-anonymize visitors
  • A website personalization platform that connects to your CRM
  • A data enrichment tool to help identify key contacts within accounts
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Clearbit expanded their enterprise sales team, adding reps specifically focused on companies with 1000+ employees, and wanted to continue to increase high-quality pipeline in this segment.

“With the expansion of our enterprise team, the 1000+ employee segment now had its own opportunity and pipeline targets,” says Charlotte Clutson, performance marketing manager at Clearbit.

While Clearbit was seeing increasing interest from the Enterprise segment - they also continued to get a lot of traffic from growth-stage and mid-market companies. Clearbit’s marketing team wanted to capture more Enterprise leads from their existing ad spend and demand generation.

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Clearbit’s product is used by teams at companies of all sizes. But in order to accelerate their enterprise pipeline, Charlotte knew that they needed to be able to tailor their key messaging to what enterprise customers wanted to hear.

By personalizing the copy on Clearbit’s homepage for enterprise buyers, Charlotte predicted that they’d increase SQL (demo) conversion rates.

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Understand your existing traffic

Charlotte’s first task was to take stock of Clearbit’s current traffic. Using Clearbit Reveal, she discovered they were already receiving a lot of visitors from enterprise accounts—at least 1,700 companies a month.


Broadcom, DocuSign, Xero… every name represented a huge potential deal for Clearbit’s new enterprise team. 

She created a segment in Mutiny for large enterprise prospects within Clearbit’s ICP:

  • Company size: 1,000+

  • Industry: B2B, SaaS, Internet, Information Technology and Services, or Technology

Create tailored messaging for enterprise visitors

Clearbit’s homepage presented a ton of opportunities for personalization. Here's what their hompage looked like before any personalization for enterprise visitors.


Charlotte identified four areas within their existing homepage layout to test:

  • H1: Focus on the enterprise decision-maker’s top priority—revenue.

  • CTA #1: Enterprise buyers rarely want self-serve. They expect demos.

  • Social proof: Focus on the size and scale of customers, rather than their growth rate.

  • CTA #2: Shift from conversational to more buttoned-up language.

Using Clearbit’s reverse IP lookup, Charlotte could deanonymize traffic and deliver a personalized homepage to enterprise buyers.

Here’s what the enterprise homepage variation looked like after launching the homepage personalization with Mutiny.

  • The H1 focuses on revenue—precisely what enterprise buyers want to hear about.

  • The main CTA aligns with buyer expectations—a demo request.

  • The social proof subhead introduces the world’s leading companies, not the fastest-growing ones.

  • And the secondary CTAs replace conversational phrases with another demo request and a reference to revenue growth.

Yes, they’re small tweaks, but make the entire homepage speak to one specific buyer.

Make existing spend twice as efficient

Tailoring Clearbit’s homepage to enterprise-specific goals, challenges, and language worked. Demo requests more than doubled. 

“It’s so crucial for all marketing programs to be tied to a revenue target, especially in a down-economy when marketing costs are always under the microscope,” Charlotte explains. “We couldn't rely solely on our advertising budget to drive revenue from enterprise. So, we leveraged our website traffic to convert high-fit companies that were showing intent.”

By directly influencing demo requests, Charlotte was able to directly contribute to marketing-sourced pipeline. 

What’s more, is this experiment also helped inform future programs based on new learning about their Enterprise customer segment. 

“Getting new messaging in front of a specific audience helped us validate enterprise-specific copy extremely quickly. These learnings were then extrapolated to other marketing programs like paid, content, and product marketing to refine our enterprise GTM motion" said Charlotte.


Charlotte’s experiment worked. She drove a 126% uplift within the enterprise segment, booking enterprise meetings that would have never been realized. What’s more, this test was able to reach statistical significance in less than 2 months due to the large amount of existing traffic – all without spending an additional dollar on ads.

That’s a win—a huge one.

“Booking demos in a high-value customer segment gave us a huge amount of momentum. And as a bonus the enterprise team was able to scale the learnings across other initiatives to further influence marketing-sourced pipeline.”

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