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Marketing+10.7% blog conversion rate

Convert Blog Readers with Verticalized CTAs

Author - Shannon Greaney
Shannon GreaneyMarketing Executive
Company - Gatekeeper
Define your list of target industries
Gather social proof for each industry
Personalize your blog CTA’s for each segment
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What you’ll learn

  • How to make take your CTA’s to the next level

What you’ll need

  • Spicy blog content
  • Distinct industry segmentation, messaging & ideally access to customer social proof from each segment
  • A website personalization platform with IP enrichment enabled
Article Headline Icon - THE PROBLEM


Gatekeeper, a next-generation supplier and contract management platform, operates in a very competitive space and offers a wide array of solutions tailored to their customers unique use cases. 

Their marketing team had created tons of great blog content, and while it was attracting a lot of visits from potential buyers, it wasn’t driving as many conversions as they knew it could. Undaunted, Shannon searched for a way to communicate the relevance of Gatekeeper to each individual blog reader. And importantly, a way to do it at scale across their large blog.

Article Headline Icon - THE HYPOTHESIS


By calling out the visitor’s industry and providing social proof to match, Shannon expected she could show visitors that the Gatekeeper product could help them, converting more readers. 

Article Headline Icon - THE SOLUTION


Define your list of target industries

Shannon used Mutiny’s historic data from gatekeeper.com to identify the largest industries hitting her blog content, and prioritized creating experiences for those first. 

Gather social proof for each industry

Once you know all of your industries, pull together a list of the best customers you have in each of those categories. Showing visitors that you are working with leaders in their space lends credibility to your solution.

Personalize your blog CTA’s for each segment

Shannon had existing generic CTAs on every blog post and she knew that if she was going to increase conversion rates on the posts, she would have to craft them in a way that speaks to her visitors.Using Mutiny as her personalization platform with anonymous firmographic data from Clearbit, Shannon tailored her blog CTAs for each segment. She called out the visitor’s industry in a headline and included the names and logos of relevant social proof for each industry. When a visitor is identified, they get served the appropriate industry-specific blog CTAs



With these few simple changes to their CTA’s, the Gatekeeper team saw their blog conversion rate shoot up to almost 11%.

This is a great, non-intrusive approach to blog monetization and helped the Gatekeeper team's content do more for their business by adding relevant CTAs to every page.

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