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Self-Optimizing Banners to Maximize Your Leads

Author - Usman Khan
Usman KhanGrowth Marketing Manager
Company - Carta
Analyze data to identify top-performing assets
Come up with a catchy hook that will get your visitors’ attention
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What you’ll learn

  • How to use your blog content to convert website visitors with minimal lift

What you’ll need

  • Fantastic thought leadership content, ideally gated to generate leads
  • An AI-driven website personalization platform that can create self-optimizing banners
Article Headline Icon - THE PROBLEM


Carta has some of the best blog content that is extremely helpful for their target audiences - startups and VCs. They have an incredible team writing great content, and it very effectively converts readers into leads. 

The problem was - not that many people were finding that content on their own. As a result, the content team was driving only a small percentage of MQL’s compared to other acquisition channels and the executive team was questioning whether it was a worthwhile investment to keep producing eBooks and whitepapers.

Carta’s Growth Manager, Usman Khan, needed a way to showcase their new content to website visitors and figure out which combination of content and CTA were most compelling, but they didn’t have time to set up and manage a complex A/B testing platform.

Article Headline Icon - THE HYPOTHESIS


If Usman could find a way to easily showcase their amazing content on their marketing website using a banner, they would be able to show that they are market leaders. This would in turn have significant downstream effects on their lead generation efforts.

Article Headline Icon - THE SOLUTION


Analyze data to identify top-performing assets

Usman started with the data. He look at conversion data to see which eBooks / whitepapers had been downloaded the most. He knew if he could get more visitors to see these assets, he would make a big impact on total leads generated.

Since carta.com gets a lot of website visitors, Usman chose 4 top resources to experiment with.

Come up with a catchy hook that will get your visitors’ attention

For each of the resources Usman selected, he wrote a catchy headline and CTA to drive banner clicks. 

A few tips on banner content:

  1. Be explicit about the value your visitors will receive from reading the content. Keep it short and punchy, but make sure it’s clear or you’ll have a hefty bounce rate undermining your healthy clickthrough rate.

  2. Include an action-oriented, descriptive CTA that will be compelling enough to capture attention if it stood alone (don’t be generic!). 

As an example of one of Usman’s banners, he wrote: “Want to see the pitch deck that led to Carta’s $80M Series D? [Download Pitch Deck]”.


Launch your self-optimizing banners

Usman turned to Mutiny to deliver banners promoting these resources to Carta’s website visitors. He loaded them all up and launched using Mutiny’s self-optimizing feature, allowing the Mutiny AI to automatically show the best resource to each visitor. 



Because of Mutiny’s ease-of-use, Carta was able to launch all four banner experiences in less than 30 minutes - and that includes the time to analyze top performing assets and draft the banner content! 

After just a few days, Mutiny started routing traffic to the highest performing variation. The “Pitch Deck” experience had a 2x higher clickthrough rate and a 5x higher conversion rate than the next-best experience. Of those that clicked through to the asset, 23% downloaded the whitepaper.

This resulted in Carta driving 200+ additional high-quality leads every week!

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