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Tweak Homepage Copy and 2X Enterprise Conversions

Author - Robele Baker
Robele BakerSr. Data Analyst
Company - Hubilo
Target enterprise customers
Deploy softened language
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  • How to define and segment enterprise visitors
  • Why blatant personalization can backfire
  • How to gently nudge copy toward a target segment


  • A library of content you can tag to one of your ideal customer personas
  • A website personalization platform that connects to your CRM
  • A data enrichment tool to help identify key contacts within accounts
Article Headline Icon - THE PROBLEM


The pandemic upended the events industry. In-person disappeared almost overnight, and marketers pivoted on a dime to virtual conferences, digital roundtables, and online roadshows. Amid the chaos, demand for virtual event tech exploded.

“We were taking on all customers,” says Robele Baker, Senior Data Analyst at online event platform Hubilo. “It was a rocket ship.”

But the pandemic boom didn’t last forever. As demand leveled off, Hubilo needed a new strategy for sustainable, long-term growth. They resolved to become the number one event tech provider for mid-market and enterprise SaaS companies.

But going upstream required them to rethink their messaging.

Article Headline Icon - THE HYPOTHESIS


Hubilo’s website acts as a marketing tool. Like most sales-led organizations, their product doesn’t exist on the homepage. Instead, the goal is to encourage visitors to request a demo and drive them into the sales funnel.

That’s a simple task on the surface, but it quickly gets complicated.

Remember, Hubilo took off like a rocket during the pandemic, closing customers from every geography, size, and vertical. While their default messaging attracted enterprise customers, Robele knew it could be stronger.

His hypothesis was simple: By personalizing homepage copy for buyers at larger companies, Hubilo could better engage prospects and increase enterprise demo requests.

Article Headline Icon - THE SOLUTION


Target enterprise customers

Robele began by creating a segment in 6Sense, defining enterprise customers. For this segment, he defined an enterprise customer as a prospect working at a company with over 1,000 employees, more than $100 million in revenue, and in the technology industry.

Using 6sense, you can define your target audiences any way you want.

Product Screenshot | Segment builder with 6sense data

He shared that segment with Mutiny and created a simple A/B homepage test. The control audience (non-enterprise) would receive the default messaging. The test audience (enterprise) would see his personalized copy.

Deploy softened language

Personalizing copy is tricky, says Robele. For one thing, you can’t claim to be the best vendor for a particular vertical or use case.

“We couldn’t say that we’re the best enterprise event platform because it sounds disingenuous,” Robele explains. Personalization needs to be softer and more nuanced. Hubilo’s homepage needed to speak to the enterprise buyers without pandering to them.

Instead, Robele opted for softer language — copy that would catch an enterprise buyer’s eye without over-doing it.

Here’s what Hubilo’s control homepage looked like:

Image | Hubilo control homepage screenshot

The H1 message is clear and concise: Here’s an all-in-one events platform for overworked event professionals. The H2 builds on that messaging, highlighting the support customers get from Hubilo’s customer experience team.

Now take a look at the enterprise variant:

Blog image | Hubilo Enterprise homepage variant

The H1 stayed the same, but the H2 changed. Instead of mentioning support, it touches on cross-functional work and uses the word enterprise.

“So we softly nudged our positioning toward enterprise,” says Robele. “Just soft little nudges.”

Those little nudges made an outsized impact.


Hubilo's overall conversion testing journey included some negative tests alongside some positive ones.

“We ran experiments that didn’t affect the conversion rate,” Robele says.

But the enterprise segment experiment marked a turning point.

By softly nudging the homepage language, Hubilo 2X’ed conversion rates within the enterprise segment. Not only did that double the number of demo requests coming in, but it did so in the most valuable market segment.

Now, Hubilo is aiming to emulate the playbook elsewhere.

“We are super excited and figuring out how to replicate that success in other segments, like mid-market and self-serve.”

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