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How to use your website to win higher value accounts

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on January 10, 2023
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One way to continue to grow without acquiring as many customers is by winning higher average contract value (ACV) deals. But as the price tag increases, so does the amount of hurdles and decision makers you need to win over before the deal closes. 

Let's explore how to win higher value deals.

This post builds on the ideas covered in Win The Pivot, a special session to help you pivot your GTM strategy quickly and effectively using your website – see how.

Step 1: Segment your enterprise traffic

First you're going to want to identify and segment all visitors on your website who work at large companies. Typically, enterprise-level deals fetch a higher price tag, so you're going to want to focus your attention on converting visitors from large companies. This can be found using IP enrichment to identify the company a visitor works for and how many employees work there.

You can also segment your website visitors even more precisely by layering on the industry. So enterprise visitors from a healthcare company will see a different experience than enterprise visitors from a technology company.

Website Audience Segmentation

Step 2: Show relevant calls to action

Next, swap the call to action on your website to direct them towards speaking with sales instead of a free demo or related PLG experience. Why? Because an enterprise sales person knows exactly how to get the necessary insights and present information in a logical way so that the prospect doesn't get sticker shock and back out of the deal before it turns into pipeline.

Enterprise buyers expect a sales process. A self-serve PLG experience would feel under-whelming.

When Sprig did this, they saw a 67% lift in enterprise conversions.  

Enterprise conversion rate

Step 3: Create 1:1 ABM pages for these target accounts

If you see that a number of visitors from a single company (account) are visiting your website, rolling out an account-based marketing (ABM) campaign will help increase the likelihood of conversion.

But because enterprise deals will have multiple stakeholders involved, it's important to personalize the content based on their roles. Map your existing content to the industry, account, and contact. Then create 1:1 landing pages that show relevant content. Have your outbound sales or BDR team share them through email with target contacts.

Here’s exactly how Snowflake did this and saw an 80% increase in ACV with engaged accounts.

3x conversions from your website

The most resilient companies focus on conversion to turn their existing demand into revenue. Want to see how you can turn your website into your #1 revenue driver? Book a strategy call with our team to see Mutiny in action.

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