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Introducing the Mutiny Certified Agency Program

Ryan Narod
Posted by Ryan Narod|Published on June 07, 2023

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Last month, we added advanced A/B testing functionality to our AI conversion platform, giving modern marketers a one-stop shop for driving conversion with higher velocity and fewer resources.

This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time for every company and agency that relies on Google Optimize as they search for a new solution ahead of Google Optimize’s impending sunset on September 30, 2023.

We’re excited to announce that Spiralyze, a leading CRO agency, has selected Mutiny to replace Google Optimize and they are migrating 20+ clients onto Mutiny’s AI conversion platform.

Spiralyze is proud to bring Mutiny to our clients as a replacement for Google Optimize. We have already started rolling it out and the results are great. For example, our engineering tests show that Mutiny's load speed is the fastest compared to its peers. This partnership ensures a smooth transition from Google Optimize and unlocks a new level of sophistication for our clients.

Sahil Patel

We've always had agency relationships with agencies like ROI DNA, PMG, Transmission, and KlientBoost. And with the addition of our partnership with Spiralyze, we're excited to launch our agency partner program.

Agencies can now bring Mutiny’s unified conversion platform to their clients to supercharge their personalization, A/B testing, ABM, and experimentation efforts—all powered by our best-in-class AI.

If you’re a B2B agency looking to drive efficient growth for your clients, all while using the latest technology, apply for the program here.

If you're looking to switch from Google Optimize to an AI-native unified conversion platform, book your Mutiny demo here.

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