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How to test messaging for new personas using your website

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on January 10, 2023
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Some industries will be hit harder than others during economic downturns. Hedge your growth by expanding into underserved markets. But to do so, you’re going to need to update your messaging to be relevant with this new segment. 

Let's explore how to use your website to quickly validate new messaging.

This post builds on the ideas covered in Win The Pivot, a special session to help you pivot your GTM strategy quickly and effectively using your website – see how.

Step 1: Identify underserved segments of your existing visitors

Before choosing a new target persona, gather historical data to see which segments are already interested in your current offering, but you have yet to put effort towards converting.

You can use Mutiny to explore which segments are already visiting your site, what pages they go to, and how often they currently convert.

Segmentation estimated impact

Look for segments that have a relatively large volume of monthly traffic – at least 500 visitors per month. This is important because you need enough volume to reach statistical significance in your tests.

Use the historical conversion rates as your baseline to measure against. 

Step 2: Gather messaging ideas from sales calls

Next you need source material to make your messaging more relevant to this new persona.

To do this quickly, search Gong recordings that your sales team has already had with prospects of the same persona. If you don't have recordings, book some interview calls with people matching the persona.

Swipe language from these calls. Pay close attention to the words they use to describe their pain points, current solutions, and how they describe their work.

Pro Tip: Be sure to ask this new persona about which value proposition they value the most. Use this to dictate your first draft of messaging.

Step 3: A/B test your new messaging on key pages

Update the copy of your most visited pages, incorporating the new language. Segment your traffic so only relevant visitors are seeing the new messaging.

Run an A/B test to see which version performs best. Continue to iterate once you reach statistical significance. 

Within a few weeks, you'll have market-tested messaging that's been validated and already driving new conversions. Expand that messaging to other channels like paid, ABM, content, and events.

This same tactic can be duplicated across any number of segments. When 6sense did this, they were able to add an additional $20 Million in pipeline without spending an additional dollar on demand gen. See 6sense’s full playbook here.

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