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The 3-Layered Personalization Strategy To Drive More Pipeline

Molly Bruckman
Posted by Molly Bruckman|Published on March 29, 2024
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Your website is the hub of your online presence and acts as the focal point for all your marketing efforts. It's where potential customers land, make buying decisions, and interact with your brand. Unfortunately, for most visitors, the experience they see when they reach your website is one-size-fits-all.

Website personalization

What they see on your website doesn't always align to their specific use case or buying stage.

But we can do better! Using data from different channels, we can create experiences that meet the needs and preferences of each visitor. This article will show you a 3-tiered personalization framework you can follow to create a website experience that drives pipeline.

Building your Personalization Program Framework

The Egyptians were on to something with their pyramid design—create a strong foundation that allows you to reach new heights. When building your personalization program, you need to balance targeting and scale.

Targeting allows you to get specific with the audiences or specific accounts you want to personalize for.

And scale allows you to deliver accurate personalization to lots of buyers.

Think about it like a pyramid with 3 parts: base, middle, and top. 

3-tiered personalization

Layer 1 – Scaled Personalization

At the base layer, you can create large-scale personalization. This allows you to rapidly test different elements on your website, such as headlines and CTAs. This stage targets broader audiences. For example, startups versus enterprises or low-intent versus high-intent visitors. 

Scaled Personalization Graphic

Layer 2 – Personalization For Priority Audience Segments

Moving up the pyramid, we enter the middle layer. Here, personalized experiences are scaled for specific audience segments. Here, you can create tailored messaging, CTAs, and content. You can base them on factors like industry, visitor characteristics, and previous interactions. Experiences here generally yield significant lifts of +30-50% in conversion rates. Livestorm's approach to personalizing the social proof, such as logos and case studies, is a great example of effective middle-layer personalization.

Personalization for Priority Segments

Layer 3 – 1:1 Personalization For Target Accounts

At the top layer, we have one-to-one experiences targeted at individual accounts or high-value prospects. This stage involves creating bespoke experiences tailored to a specific account's needs. This results in massive uplifts. While the effort required for one-to-one personalization is higher, the rewards are well worth it. Mutiny's own ABM program exemplifies this type of personalization. Personalized landing pages include the prospect's name, company details, and specific pain points.

1:1 Personalization

Practical Examples Of B2B Personalization

Let's dive into some practical examples that showcase personalization at the various levels of the pyramid:

Tailored Messaging and CTAs:

You can use insights about your visitors, such as their industry, role, or previous interactions. By doing this, you can change the messaging and CTAs on your website to meet their needs. This level of personalization can lead to substantial lifts in conversion rates.

Industry personalization on website

Social Proof:

Target larger segments like industry vertical and match the logo bar, case studies, and recommended content to the visitor. Making these changes are subtle personalizations. They generally increase conversion within the segment by 30-50% or more.

Social proof only works if it's from relevan

Account-Based Marketing (ABM):

Pull out all the stops for those target accounts. Start small by using banners or side pops to engage your target accounts or match them to their dedicated account rep. Alternatively, go big and build fully tailored 1:1 pages.

ABM landing pages

Adding Personalization To Your Digital Strategy

You can (and should!) leverage the power of data to create dynamic, targeted experiences that resonate with our audience and drive significant improvements in revenue. Being intentional about how you build your pyramid helps you effectively implement and scale personalized experiences on your website. Start by considering the base, middle, and top. With the right strategy, personalization can deliver a seamless buying experience for your prospects. So, let's embrace personalization and unlock the full potential of dynamic experiences!

Ready to get started building your personalization strategy?

The Playmakers Series takes you through step-by-step how to build each of these layers so you can deliver relevant personalization across your buyers journey. This is the same framework and process that we take with each new Mutiny customer to ensure they fill their pipeline with qualified buyers. Start now by learning how to begin segmenting your audience.

And be sure to join our M2 Community so you can learn from other high-performing marketers. Attend hands-on workshops and chat with others to hear how they're hitting their pipeline goals. Apply here.

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman is Head of Growth Marketing. She loves helping Mutiny customers achieve their wildest career ambitions by delivering conversions and revenue to their teams.

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