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How Mutiny BDRs Get 30%+ Open Rates Using Personalized Microsites

Bree Sorrentino
Posted by Bree Sorrentino|Published on July 02, 2024
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What You'll Learn

  • How to leverage contact-level data for hyper-personalized sales outreach

  • Strategies for integrating microsites into your sales cadences 

  • The impact of personalization on open rates, engagement, and pipeline quality

What You'll Need

  • Mutiny microsite

  • A target account list in your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot)

  • Contact data enrichment capabilities (6sense, Clearbit)

  • Sales engagement tools (Salesloft, Outreach, Apollo.io)

The Problem

As a Business Development Representative (BDR) at Mutiny, Bree Sorrentino's initial focus was high-volume outbound outreach with the goal of booking as many meetings as possible.

However, the challenge quickly shifted to getting more strategic and prescriptive about who to reach out to.

"The team faced a familiar challenge that many GTM teams are feeling—how to break through the noise and connect with our ideal prospects," Bree explained.

The Hypothesis

This led Bree to hypothesize that by leveraging personalized microsites and utilizing granular contact-level data through Mutiny, she could more effectively penetrate target accounts and align with her Account Executives to go after specific contacts and titles.

The theory was that this hyper-personalized approach would improve the quality of meetings and, consequently, the sales pipeline.

The Solution

Warming Up with Broad Campaigns

Bree started by sending out a wide net campaign to warm leads, using pre-formulated messaging templates set up by the marketing team. She then added her own voice and personal touches to the outbound sequences.

Outbound email template for Mutiny

Getting Granular with Contact Data

From there, Bree utilized Mutiny's sales extension to go more granular, tapping into contact-level data like the prospect's industry and the specific pages they viewed on Mutiny's website.

Mutiny sales extension example

Armed with these insights, she could craft highly personalized follow-ups that demonstrated an understanding of each recipient's unique context and needs.

Integrating Personalized Microsites

A key part of Bree's strategy involved integrating personalized microsite links into her workflow. Luckily for her, once a microsite is created in Mutiny, a personalized URL address can be synced into Salesforce and be used as a variable across all sales tools, like Outreach, Salesloft, and Apollo.io.

This allowed her to seamlessly send these dynamic links in both broad, scaled campaigns and one-off emails for high-priority accounts and contacts.

Mutiny microsite example

Continuously Optimizing and Experimenting

Throughout the process, Bree remained adaptable, continuously iterating on her messaging and approach based on what resonated most with prospects.

As she put it, "You have to be willing to experiment and pivot quickly based on what's working and what's not."

The Impact

Bree's efforts paid off in a major way, with her open rates for intent-based follow-ups reaching the high thirties percentage - a significant result in the world of sales prospecting. 

But the impact went beyond just open rates. Bree shared an anecdote about a prospect who initially seemed uninterested, only to re-engage after receiving a personalized microsite experience. "It was like a light bulb went off," Bree recalled. "They went from being completely cold to being one of my hottest opportunities."

These results aligned with Bree's original hypothesis - that personalized, contextual outreach would not only lead to better engagement metrics but also a higher quality sales pipeline filled with more qualified, interested prospects.

In Bree's own words: "At the end of the day, it's all about cutting through the noise and connecting with prospects in a way that's relevant and valuable to them. Personalized microsites have been a game-changer in helping us do just that."

Looking ahead, Bree and the Mutiny team plan to continue refining and scaling this personalized prospecting approach, exploring new ways to leverage data and create even more compelling microsite experiences tailored to each prospect's unique needs and interests.

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Bree Sorrentino

Bree Sorrentino

Bree is an Account Executive at Mutiny.

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