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How AI Is Revolutionizing Go-To-Market Strategies

Stewart Hillhouse
Posted by Stewart Hillhouse|Published on February 05, 2024

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How are go-to-market teams using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their strategies? 

On the podcast "Go-To-Market AI," host Sarah McConnell sat down with Molly Bruckman, Head of Growth Marketing at Mutiny, to explore how Mutiny's AI-driven platform is transforming the way companies personalize their marketing efforts.

Deliver Personalization at Scale Using Mutiny's AI

Mutiny's platform leverages AI to automate the process of content creation, ideation, and experimentation, making it easier for marketers to generate a pipeline across various channels. As Molly explains, "Mutiny plugs into your company's data and your website to identify who's on your site, who you should target, where you should target them, and what you should say."

"Over 150 million people have actually seen an experience Mutiny has personalized on the web."

How To Apply This

  • Integrate AI tools like Mutiny to analyze your website traffic and tailor content to different visitor segments.

  • Use AI-driven platforms to automate content creation, saving time and resources while increasing efficiency.

  • Apply AI to personalize user experiences based on data insights, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Using AI To Recommend Your Highest Leverage Efforts

Mutiny's AI not only identifies target segments but also recommends which pages to personalize and what changes to make. This feature simplifies the decision-making process for marketers, who traditionally would have to sift through extensive data to make these determinations.

Molly demonstrates the ease of creating personalized experiences, stating, "You can combine any of that data that you have integrated to build segments and target visitors that are coming to your site."

How To Apply This

  • Use AI recommendations to prioritize web pages for personalization based on traffic, conversion potential, and paid advertising efforts.

  • Allow AI to guide content adjustments, making sure changes align with your brand's tone and messaging.

  • Embrace AI's ability to generate multiple content variations, enabling A/B testing and optimization without extensive manual effort.

Go From Idea To Experiment Lightning Quick

Mutiny’s platform empowers GTM and growth teams to quickly launch personalized experiences, drastically reducing the time from ideation to execution. Molly illustrates this by creating multiple variations of a homepage in minutes—a process that would typically take weeks.

How To Apply This

  • Leverage AI to rapidly prototype and test different web page variations, accelerating the experimentation cycle.

  • Use AI to remove or adjust web page elements based on visitor intent, focusing their attention on the most relevant content.

  • Implement AI-driven changes directly on your website, bypassing the need for extensive web development resources.

Measuring Impact with AI-Enhanced Analytics

Mutiny's analytics capabilities extend beyond experience-level data, integrating with CRM systems to provide a comprehensive view of the impact on pipeline and deals. This allows marketers to filter and analyze data based on various criteria, such as attribution models and funnel stages.

"Our customers that are using the AI-powered experiences are saving hours of manual work and are converting 70% more customers than those who aren't using those features," Molly highlights.

How To Apply This

  • Integrate AI with CRM data to gain a holistic view of how personalized experiences influence pipeline and deal outcomes.

  • Customize analytics filters to match your specific marketing goals and attribution models.

  • Use AI to identify high-impact segments and tailor experiences to drive conversions and revenue growth.

Incorporating AI into your go-to-market strategy is no longer a futuristic concept—it's a practical necessity. With platforms like Mutiny, marketers can harness the power of AI to create personalized, data-driven experiences that resonate with their audience and drive business growth. As the landscape continues to evolve, those who embrace AI will find themselves at the forefront of innovation and success.

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