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Mutiny acquires Intellipse to accelerate AI roadmap

Jaleh Rezaei
Posted by Jaleh Rezaei|Published on October 18, 2022
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I'm pumped to share we've acquired Intellipse, an AI marketing platform.

20 years ago, the internet shifted growth from offline to a trillion dollar online ecosystem.

We believe AI will cause a similar platform change.

Here's how we think AI impacts this next era for growth:

The big unsolved problem in growth

The recession has spotlighted the big unsolved problem in growth.

Ogilvy famously said half my ad dollars are wasted, I just don't know which half. Actually, $19 out of $20 spent on marketing is wasted.

Why? Buyers click on ads, land on generic websites/journeys, and don’t convert.

As more data became available, tech companies like Airbnb built 100+ person growth engineering and data science teams to optimize the funnel and convert users.

But this approach is insanely expensive and solves only a fraction of the waste.

AI makes everyone good at growth

Let's take a simple website example. For an average B2B company we can identify: 300+ visitor attributes (size, persona, pain point, industry), 20+ high traffic pages with 10+ critical sections (headlines, CTA), & 4+ conversion events.

That's 1M+ permutations for site optimization.

It's impossible to build a large enough data science team to sift through all the data & know where to focus. So companies sit on mountains of unused data. This is where AI comes in. It gives you signal from noise without headcount or waiting.

It's an unbelievable shortcut.

Mutiny solves the waste problem by plugging into a company's data and website to serve different versions to buyers.

We use AI to automate the tedious process of ideation, content creation, and testing.

Users who use our AI launch 143% more tests and see 88% more conversions.

How Mutiny's AI helps you grow faster

We analyze each website's data as well as anonymized cross-company data to answer 3 critical user questions:

1. WHO: what segments to target?

2. WHERE: what parts of the site to change?

3. WHAT: what to show to each?

The secret sauce is knowing what changes lead to revenue.


We plug into different data sources to identify important attributes for ~70% of visitors. For example: size, industry, use case.

Then we use various AI models to surface which ones to focus on to maximize revenue.

We can identify ideal customers that you don't even know about.


Our AI is trained on over 500,000 web pages and knows where small changes can have outsized impact on your revenue.

Even better, it suggests what pages or sections to focus on for different audiences. e.g. A CTA change on homepage can increase conversion by 28%.


GPT-3 helps us write high quality text, but it needs to know what good looks like for different segments.

100M+ people across 4M+ companies have seen a web page personalized by Mutiny. We train our models on this proprietary data set to produce copy that converts.

Mutiny's AI roadmap

We acquired Intellipse to accelerate our AI roadmap.

A lot of the best AI technologies are new.

Their team has deep expertise in new AI technologies relevant for conversion marketing & copywriting, such as language classification, predictive models, and GPT-3.

Mutiny now has one of the larger engineering teams with production experience in marketing AI tech.

With AI we transformed conversion from a niche A/B testing tool to a platform that every GTM team can use to drive efficient growth at scale.

Needless to say, we're hiring.

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