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Mutiny Playmaker: Who Are You? [Chapter 8]

Molly Bruckman
Posted by Molly Bruckman|Published on June 06, 2023
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Before getting started: The stuff covered in this chapter builds on previous chapters (we recommend starting there if you haven't done it already).

🕵️ Your Mission

  • Create behavioral audiences that identify use case and persona

  • Launch a survey to identify use case and persona

  • Incorporate first party data to expand your reach

  • Launch personalized page content and assets based on use case and persona

💡 What you’ll learn

✅ How to identify visitor use cases and personas

✅ How to personalize your website by use case and persona

🎒 What you’ll need

✅ Assets tailored to use case and persona

✅ The voice of an angel to sing to the conversion heavens

Why this segment?

We’re willing to bet one of the following is true:

(1) You have multiple products

(2) Your product can be used in a number of different ways

How do you know which use case to lead with when a visitor hits your site? Are you using the right language? Are you showcasing the best case studies? Are you describing the features in a way that resonates with the unique visitor on your site?

Personalizing your website by use case and persona helps you match your marketing to your visitor and gives you the best chance of converting them to revenue.

Let’s get to it!

Build your behavioral audiences

We’re going to start with some more behavioral audiences — you should be a pro since you already set up your Buying Stage audiences.

This time, we are going to set up “Use Case” and “Persona” audiences. Use pages like product or solution pages, blog posts, resources, and webinars to map browsing behavior to use cases and personas.

Add in first party data

We always want to build as large of segments as possible. Let’s add in first party data to augment the behavioral audiences.

Use Segment, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, and/or Mutiny’s API to add in first party data on known visitor use case and persona.

Expand with UTMs

Are you running ads targeted to specific use cases or personas? Augment your audiences with UTM parameters from those ad groups!

More reach? Just ask!

It can be more challenging to map visitors to use cases and personas due to lower match rates. We’ve got a great solution for you here — use surveys to ask your visitors to self identify!

You can either run the survey for all visitors, or exclude visitors you already have use case or persona information about from the segment definition.

Launch a survey sidepop to ask the visitor their role or use case, and then give them a personalized resource or direct them to a specific product page.

DocSend survey sidepop

Once you launch your survey, you’ll be able to select the visitor responses as data sources in the Segment Creator, and you can add these to your segments.

Bringing it together

Combine all the signals we discussed above to build your audiences. Create at least 2 use case and 2 persona audiences.

Launch experiences

We’ve come a long way together, friend. You’ve launched personalized homepage content, form page content, pricing pages. You’ve used components like side pops and banners to get the right resources in front of your visitors.

Time to set you loose and let your creativity run wild! How do you need to personalize your site to speak effectively to each use case? To each persona?

Think about things like —

  • What content on my site is not serving this audience effectively?

  • Am I flying at the right cognitive level for each persona?

  • Does this persona use this language to describe this problem?

  • Does the social proof match the visitor’s needs?

🔥 Hot tip: Talk to your sales and product marketing teams

Ok, we’ve said this before, but it still stands! Interviewing SMEs is a great way to generate ideas on the best content to use.

Launch at least 1 experience for each persona and use case (4 total experiences).

Need more inspiration?

Check out persona and use case playbooks from other ground breakers.

See how Jenny from DocSend uses surveys to identify persona and personalizes the site experience based on response.

See how Annie from Kyriba uses banners to put the right content in front of each persona.

What’s next?

Graduation is just around the corner! You’ve learned how to use first and third party data sources to build segments. You’ve launched personalized experiences across your site. You’ve added components to highlight the right assets.

You’ve built a strong foundation and you’re starting to learn what’s resonating with your various visitor segments.

Next, let’s learn how to learn. In the next chapter, we’ll dig into how to interpret your results, iterate, expand and turn every test into a win.

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman

Molly Bruckman is Head of Growth Marketing. She loves helping Mutiny customers achieve their wildest career ambitions by delivering conversions and revenue to their teams.

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